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Peer mediation is a process where youth are used to help their peers help themselves in resolving their conflicts. The Prevention Intervention Center offer schools one-three days of training students and staff who are chosen by their peers and teachers. Peer Mediation programs used includes ┬ęPeace Works, ┬ęPeaceful Endeavors and Best Practices in conflict Resolution. CCSD has also developed a DVD in Peer Mediation that was sent out to all of CCSD schools. Below is a brief description of the DVD and a link to the video.

Peer Mediation 101 Cobb County Style

The Prevention Intervention Center in collaboration with Campbell High School, North Cobb High School, Allatoona High School, Harrison High School, and Area Superintendent James Carter, looks at how Peer Mediation is currently being utilized in Cobb County schools. This DVD, which was produced by David Owen, explores the value of implementing Peer Mediation programs throughout our district. Facilitated by Jeff Dess, a Prevention Specialist with the Prevention Intervention Center, Cobb County School System and a registered Neutral with the state of GA; Peer Mediation 101 explores the components of setting up a Peer Mediation program through interviews with counselors and students who have mediation programs actively running in their schools. Included in this informative 30-minute video is an actual mediation presented by four North Cobb High School students. This DVD was mailed to every school in our county in hopes of creating excitement around the idea of implementing a Peer Mediation program in all of our schools.


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