Prevention Intervention Center

Prevention Intervention Center Services

Intervention Services

Provides help for personnel and students who are...

  • Having difficulties with school adjustment
  • Dealing with loss or separation issues
  • Feeling anxious, stressed, or "burned out"
  • Depressed or suicidal
  • Using alcohol, inhalants, steroids, or other drugs
  • Drug free and need support in their decision not to use
  • Involved in occult practices
  • Victims of physical, sexual, verbal, or emotional abuse
  • Sexually active and at risk for contracting AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, or becoming pregnant
  • The children, grandchildren, siblings, or spouse of a chemically dependent person

Student Services

  1. CRISIS RESPONSE to schools when deaths, natural disasters, or accidents occur.
  2. PREVENTION PROGRAMS designed to address high-risk behaviors and encourage healthy decision making:
    • Natural Helpers - A peer-to-peer approach to helping fellow students.
    • Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation - Teaching students how to resolve conflicts without the use of violence.
    • Classroom presentations covering a variety of topics: drugs, fitness, stress, etc...

Center Services

  1. CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION with specialists trained in drug use prevention and intervention for students exhibiting high-risk behaviors.
  2. FREE ASSESSMENTS for students and families offered by the Drug Free Schools Coalition of treatment providers.
  3. PARENT/FAMILY/COMMUNITY PROGRAMS on a variety of topics:
    • Warning signs of high risk behaviors
    • Music and media influences
    • Media literacy
    • Stress
    • Conflict resolution
    • Parenting tools, support and skills
    • Support to community coalitions
  4. SUSPENSION ALTERNATIVE program for school drug offenders
  5. RESOURCE LIBRARY with 100's of videos

Employee Services

  1. COURSES to raise awareness and develop special skills are available to employees through workshops, in-services, and other training sessions including:
    • Warning signs of high risk behaviors
    • Music and media influences
    • Media literacy
    • Conflict resolution
    • Alcohol and drug issues
    • Communication skills
  2. CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION AND FREE ASSESSMENTS offered by the Drug Free School's Coalition of treatment providers.

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