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Warehouse & Distribution

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"Delivering Excellence"

The CCSD Warehouse and Distribution Center, located at 6975 Cobb International Boulevard, Kennesaw, Georgia, is responsible for delivery of mail and the handling of surplus property.

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Directions to Warehouse


If you have questions regarding Textbooks, please email or phone: 770-426-3496.



If you have questions regarding testing materials, please contact the Student Assessment office at 770-426-3407


Records Management

If you have questions regarding Records Management, please email or visit our website.


Property Control

If you have questions regarding property control, please contact Tim Conner, Supervisor at


Hours of Operation

  • 7:00 to 4:00
  • Receiving Hours:
    8:00 to 2:30, by appointment


Public Auctions

Occasionally, surplus items are sold via internet sales, facilitated by the State of Georgia Department of Administrative Services. Any traditional auction held in the district, will be advertised on this site, as well as in the local newspapers.



P: 770-426-3385
F: 770-590-4508

Howard Siggelko
Assistant Director

Warehouse Coordinator

David Banks
Warehouse Foreman