Warehouse / Records Management

Howard Siggelko
Asst. Director

Hours of Operation:
7:00 to 4:00

Receiving Hours:
8:00 to 2:30
by appointment

Warehouse Facts

The CCSD Warehouse is located at 6975 Cobb International Blvd in Kennesaw, Georgia and is responsible for the internal mail operations between all schools as well as the handling of surplus property.

Mail is delivered on four fixed routes set up in geographic regions and our vehicles cover approximately 300 miles daily. In addition to inter-district mail, the staff will also assist with delivery and pick up of testing materials, textbooks, payroll and surplus furniture and equipment. Mail is delivered three days each week during the school year and twice per week during the summer months.

Some items are inventoried and delivered by the warehouse. Utilize the Munis requisition program to order any inventoried item, such as clay.

Furniture for growth and replacement needs are stored in limited numbers for SPLOST related projects at the warehouse and are available for ordering through the Munis requisition program as well. These items, however, do not include assembly or installation when they are delivered unless they are purchased with SPLOST funds. Please take this into consideration when ordering. If you need assembly and installation, you can order items from the Furniture Bid which includes delivery, installation, and removes all boxes, or you could utilize the moving services bid to assist. Good used furniture will be shipped out in lieu of new furniture whenever possible on any stock requisition unless it is indicated that only new furniture is acceptable. There is no cost for the used furniture.

Surplus furniture and equipment is picked up or redistributed on an as needed basis. Locations wishing to have items picked up should enter a request in the eqTransfer program and have it approved. For removal of lawn debris and construction debris, please contact maintenance. We ask that if pick up requests can be handled during the summer months to please have these turned in by the first week of June. This will allow the items to be removed over the summer and the school year will start without the excess or broken items being a hindrance to your location when students return.

Please do not allow damaged or excess items to become a safety hazard. Staff should never block doorways, electrical panels or create any unsafe environment for staff or students. Placing items outside your building creates a haven for animals and insects, a safety risk for staff picking it up, an eyesore for your school and eliminates the potential for redistribution due to exposure to weather.

At most times of the year the warehouse has an inventory of good used classroom furniture available for redistribution that has been picked up from district locations. If you would like to have any of these items at your location, please enter a request in the eqTransfer program and have it approved. The request will be filled or you will be notified that inventory is not available. At different times, a note will be sent letting you know that we have excessive quantities of some items. As a rule of thumb, elementary student desks, stack chairs, AV carts and assorted tables are always available in some quantity.

Surplus furniture and equipment that can not be used within the district or which is obsolete is disposed after the School Board has approved this action. Several methods of disposal are used, including public auctions, internet sales or destruction, dependent on the item type and the condition of the item. Technology items are disposed of through an annual bid with a third party to ensure proper disposal, destruction and indemnification.

If workloads permit, the warehouse may assist with moving services or transferring items between locations, but this is not a prime responsibility of the operation. If immediate moving services are needed please refer to the moving services bid.

The warehouse does not keep furniture on hand to loan to schools. If you have a need for chairs or tables, you contact a furniture rental company to arrange the delivery and pick up of chairs and other items for a specific function, make sure to utilize purchasing guidelines when obtaining prices. Occasionally there will be available surplus items that could be used, but there is not a guarantee of specific color or if the warehouse staff can assist with the movement of the items. The requesting location may have to arrange movement through the moving services bid.

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