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Darryl York
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Marsha Brooks
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Policy, Planning and Student Support

Policy, Planning and Student Support is responsible for the development, interpretation and implementation of Board Polices and Administrative Rules in addition to handling issues such as student transfers, enrollment, student record requests, subpoenas, and due process. Policy, Planning and Student Support also serves as the legal liaison for student discipline, enrollment, custody, guardianship, records and subpoena issues as well as general student discipline issues.

Student discipline responsibilities include: appeals to the Board, State Board, and court; contact for school administrators on Code of Conduct interpretation and application; hearing officer; enrollment of students with discipline orders from other districts; permanent expulsion, reports to the Board; scheduling student due process discipline hearings; review of suspension/expulsion letters; and training for administrators participating in discipline hearings.

Other responsibilities include FERPA issues, monthly discipline summary reports, calendar development, reports to the Board, and maintaining the on-line policy manual.

Areas of Responsibility

School Health Services
Anne Coyle
Nursing Supervisor
Prevention Intervention
Jeff Dess
School Social Workers
Dr. Paulette Herbert


Student Support Resources

Student Code of Conduct: Rule JCDA
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Middle School
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