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Paul Purcell
Truancy Coordinator
Phone: 404-775-6249

Sabra Kofa-Dunn
Truancy Coordinator
Phone: 678-451-9136


The issue of absenteeism from school is expansive. Addressing this issue requires a multi-dimensional approach that targets the student’s emotional, behavioral, academic, and vocational competencies. The Cobb County School District works closely with law enforcement and a host of other public and private entities to address absenteeism. Please take a few moments and peruse the contents of this webpage. We hope that you will find the information helpful.

Responsibilities of the Truancy Court Coordinator

  • Investigate Truancy Referrals
  • Present case relevant information during court hearings
  • Assist the Cobb County Juvenile Court’s Truancy Court during case staffings
  • Gather case related information and prepare statistical reports
  • Attend Cobb County Attendance Protocol Committee meetings
  • Provide support services to school social workers, school administrators, school attendance clerks, and others
  • Work closely with the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice to ensure compliance with the Official Code of Georgia Annotated 160-4-8-17 Case Management Consultation for Agency Placed Transfer Students
  • Conducts case management services
  • Works closely with other agencies providing services to Cobb County students
  • Delivers presentations to community and professional organizations
  • Works closely with law enforcement agencies throughout Cobb County to ensure student compliance with Official Code of Georgia 20-2-690.1 Compulsory Attendance

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How is Truancy addressed in the Cobb County Juvenile Court?

Student’s referred to the Cobb County Juvenile Court by the Cobb County School District are cited with a violation of O.C.G.A 20-2-612 Georgia Compulsory Attendance Law. Cases referred to the court are reviewed to determine the most appropriate course of action to be taken. Many cases each year are reviewed by a judge. Other cases are diverted to the Court’s mediation program.

Regardless of the course the case takes the stakes are high. Student’s winding up in court face the possibility of probation, community service, fines, submit to drug screens and even prison tours. In some cases the student is given a curfew. Student’s who are placed on probation may even serve time in a detention facility if they fail to attend school. Those students who are suspected of gang involvement or substance abuse are referred to specialized programs within the Court for assessment. If it is determined the student is gang-affiliated or using substances their case will be referred to the appropriate unit for supervision. Again, the stakes are high!

In August 2006, the Cobb Juvenile Court created a truancy court. It is called the STAR program. This program, under the direction of Honorable Judge Joanne E. Elsey, is a specialized program that incorporates a team approach this program has had a tremendous impact on participants and their families. Program participants are required to pass through four phases. In addition, each participant must choose a career they are interested in pursuing and complete a project. While engaging in this project each student contacts someone who works in their chosen career. Upon contact, the participant must ask a series of questions that are pre-approved by court staff. Once the participant has completed their project they must present their findings to the court. During the 2006-2007 school year the STAR program served 15 students.

Law Enforcement’s Response to Truancy

Recognizing there can be a correlation between truancy and increases in delinquent behavior law enforcement throughout Cobb County has pledged to assist in addressing this issue.

Each year law enforcement officers join together to conduct county-wide truancy sweeps. Officers spotting school-aged youth stop these youth and once it is determined the youth is skipping school transport said youth to a centralized meeting place. Upon arrival school social workers make contact with the youth’s parents, who are required to pick their child up. In addition, the school social worker assigned to the student’s school is contacted to ensure follow-up services are provided.

During the 2007 school year school social workers and law enforcement officers met with Cobb Juvenile Court to discuss methods for addressing truancy in the South Cobb area. The City of Powder Springs has created an Ordinance addressing truancy.

Each year law enforcement conducts data analysis to assess the number of delinquent acts committed by student’s ages 12-17 in an effort to determine those areas in greatest need of increased patrol or other interventions.

Residents and business owners spotting school aged youth in the community or in their business establishment during business hours should contact the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction of their location.

Important Community Resources

Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice
   1770 The Exchange, Ste. 100
   Atlanta, Georgia 30339
   Telephone: 770-916-2330
   Fax: 770-916-2348

The Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice provides supervision and supportive services to youth who have been committed to the Department by court order. The Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice also provides detention services.

Juvenile Court Of Court
   1738 County Services Parkway
   Marietta, Georgia 30008
   Telephone - 770-528-2220

The Juvenile Court of Cobb County provides supervision and support services for those youth found to be unruly or delinquent by the Court. The court also handles custody and deprivation cases. The Court is comprised of many divisions to include: the Court Appointed Special Advocate, Adolescent Substance Abuse, Gang Suppression, Truancy, Youth Diversion, and Judicial-Citizen Review Panels.

Cobb Co. Department of Family and Children Services
   325 Fairground Street
   Marietta, Georgia 30060
   Telephone - 770-528-5000

Provides shelter care services for deprived children. Also, provides therapeutic, rehabilitative, and reunification services for families and individuals in need.

Cobb Community Collaborative
   995 Roswell Street, Suite 326
   Marietta, Georgia 30060

The Cobb Community Collaborative, Inc. is a consortium of nonprofits, businesses and faith-based organizations that shares ideas, expertise and resources and is committed to improving the quality of life for all residents in Cobb County, Georgia. Collaborative Members work to coordinate services that address community needs and issues.

Cobb Community Services Board
   Child and Adolescent Mental Health And Substance Abuse
   6133 Love Street
   Austell, Georgia 30168
   Telephone- 770-819-9229

The Cobb County Community Services Board and the Douglas County Community Services Board are public agencies created by state law to provide mental health, developmental disability, and substance abuse services. The service areas are Cobb, Douglas, and Cherokee Counties, Georgia. The agency provides support to over 14,000 people annually. The majority of funds utilized to provide services are generated through a contract with the State of Georgia, Medicaid and Medicare revenue, Cobb County, Douglas County, Vocational Rehabilitation, grants, private pay and donations.


Important Law Enforcement Contacts

Kennesaw Police Department
Telephone- 770-422-2505

Marietta Police Department
Telephone- 770-794-5300

Smyrna Police Department
Telephone- 770-434-9451
Acworth Police Department
Telephone- 770-974-1232

Austell Police Department
Telephone- 770-944-4331

Cobb County Police Department
Telephone- 770-499-3911

Cobb County Police Department has now made it available for you to view many of the crimes that occur where you live or work. This system is called PENS - Police Email Notification System. The web site address is Once you click onto this link, please look to the left and you will see the five precincts in Cobb County. The Cumberland area is Precinct 3. Click on this and again you will see several links on the top left side. To see the property crimes reported to Cobb Police click on the “Crime Reports” This will show you all the property crimes (burglaries, entering autos, thefts etc.) that occurred within the last 30 days. In addition to Crime Reports, there are three other links: BOLO - Be On the Look Out, Crime and Traffic stats and the Home page.