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Georgia School Bus Laws

40-8-115 Identification and equipment of school buses for special school route service

This part shall not prohibit the use of a school bus as defined in paragraph (55) of Code Section 40-1-1 for special school route service, provided it shall meet the following identification and equipment requirements:

(1) The bus need not be painted yellow or black;

(2) The bus shall be equipped with four hooded or recessed red flasher lights, or four red flasher lights and four amber flasher lights mounted on the same horizontal centerline as the red lights and nearer the centerline. Such amber lights shall be at least two and one-half times brighter than the red lights. The system shall be wired so that the amber signal lights are activated only by manual or foot operation and if activated are automatically deactivated and the red signal lights activated when the bus entrance door is opened; and

(3) While transporting children to and from school, the bus shall be equipped with the following temporary signs, located conspiculously on the front and back of such vehicle:

(A) The sign on the front shall have the words "SCHOOL BUS" printed in black letters not less than six inches high, on a background of National School Bus Glossy Yellow; and

(B) The sign on the rear shall be at least ten square feet in size and shall be painted National School Bus Glossy Yellow and have the words "SCHOOL BUS" printed in black letters not less than eight inches high.

O.C.G.A. ยง 40-8-115 (2011)

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