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CLICK HERE to KNOW THE LAW for when you should stop for a school bus!

Please click on the links below for information on CCSD Transportation's use of stop arm cameras to reduce and identify stop arm violators.


Fox 5 Atlanta News (August 2013)

Cameras on Cobb Co. School Buses Reduce Offenders

USA Today (March 2013)

School bus cameras give passing drivers a bad mark

School Transportation News Magazine (January 2013)

On the Record: Stop Arm Surveillance Systems provide more safety, driver education at school bus stops (page 30)

2015-16 Classified Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Laura Morataya who has been selected as Transportation's Classified Employee of the Year! Laura was voted by her peers to receive this honor after being nominated in the District's annual program to recognize outstanding classified employees. Laura is a school bus driver for District 3, Kell cluster and has driven with CCSD for the past 6 years. Laura will represent Transportation at the District's annual Classified Employee of the Year luncheon in the Fall.