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S.O.A.R.: Safe, Orderly, And Respectful

Bus Safety Education for the Cobb County School District

Statewide Education for School Bus Drivers in Georgia School Districts

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This is a two-part introductory training program for school district transportation departments who are interested in implementing S.O.A.R.: Safe, Orderly, And Respectful school bus safety/bus stop procedures, and the SAFE RIDER student management graduated discipline program.

Directors, what do bus drivers ask for most? The answer is easy - Help!

Whether it’s unruly students, demanding parents or busy administrators, school bus drivers need an abundance of support. S.O.A.R. and SAFE RIDER programs work together to provide the support needed in reducing the amount of resignations occurring from feeling frustrated.

Bus drivers are the unsung heroes of a school system, but there’s a heavy and unspoken load upon their shoulders. It’s important to provide to them the most up-to-date Safe Practices, student management tools, and parent communication materials to insure they are safe and successful school bus drivers.

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Participants:  School Bus Drivers, Managers, Supervisors and Directors in the school district transportation department

Offered: Year-round, on-site at your designated facility.             

Availability: Monday through Friday, 7AM - 5PM; Saturdays upon special request.

Cost: Free of charge. We request that in exchange for training, overnight accommodations and meals stipend for two trainers be paid by the host district.

Length of Training Sessions: One or two days, up to 10 hours total. Includes minimum four classroom hours followed by minimum four hours outside with buses set up as ‘stations’ in a local school bus port.

NOTE: Additional hours available to Director for site visits to problem stops and/or meeting with local school administrators. Additional follow-up supports available after initial training session.



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