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Bryan Snyder
Director of Transportation

Meet Bryan Snyder

Bryan Snyder is the Director of Transportation and operations serving the students of the Cobb County School District.  His leadership team consists of six Area Supervisors that manage daily operations across the entire county.

Bryan has a wealth of experience and knowledge within the Cobb County School District Transportation Department.  During his tenure with the Transportation Department, Bryan has served in various roles including:  School Bus Driver, Retainer, Back-up Dispatcher, Office Assistant, Field Coordinator for the Pope and Wheeler High School clusters, Area 2 Supervisor, and Area 4 Supervisor.  Bryan is a proud homegrown graduate of the Cobb County School District and the University of Georgia. Bryan’s family moved to Marietta, GA from Miami, FL in the fall of 1986. He went on to attend Mt. Bethel Elementary, Timber Ridge Elementary, Dickerson Middle and graduated with honors from Walton High School.  You can find Bryan’s name and signature displayed at Timber Ridge Elementary School as part of the first 5th grade class to matriculate from the school in its first year of operation.  Bryan has had a passion for transportation his entire life.  He remembers many of his Cobb school bus drivers fondly, and many of them are still employed in the Transportation Department.

While attending the University of Georgia, Bryan discovered the Campus Transit System as a student job.  At the time, the age to obtain a commercial driver’s license in the state of Georgia was 21 years of age.  Being someone that would talk to the bus drivers while riding to classes, he found out the university received a special concession to hire and train 19-year-old students to obtain a commercial driver’s license.  Bryan could not get his application in fast enough, and a month later, he became the first ever 19-year-old bus driver for the UGA Campus Transit System.  His love for transportation was solidified that day.

Bryan has a lot of passion for pupil transportation, especially here at home in the Cobb County School District.  He is truly honored to serve as the Director of Transportation for the school district that provided him the education and tools to succeed in life.