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Vanessa Mandall
Area 1 Supervisor
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Area 1 Supervisor & Field Coordinators

Area 1 serves the following schools:

  • Elementary: Acworth, Baker, Big Shanty, Bullard, Due West, Ford, Frey, Hayes, Kennesaw, Lewis, McCall, Pickett's Mill, Vaughan
  • Middle: Awtrey, Barber, Durham, Lost Mtn, McClure, Pine Mtn
  • High: Allatoona, Harrison, Kennesaw Magnet, Kennesaw Mtn, North Cobb

Area 1 Field Coordinators

Field Coordinators are experienced transportation personnel who have taken on extra responsibilities to assist the Area Supervisor. They are extensions of Supervisors, to serve as an immediate contact at the schools.

  • Connie Christy: Due West ES, Ford ES, Lewis ES, Lost Mtn MS, McClure MS, Harrison HS, Vaughan ES
  • Terrie Hastings: Acworth ES, Awtrey MS, Baker ES, Barber MS,  Big Shanty ES, Kennesaw ES, McCall ES, North Cobb HS
  • Louis Lanus: Bullard ES, Hayes ES, Kennesaw Mtn HS, Pine Mtn MS
  • Dimitri Wilson: Allatoona HS, Durham MS, Frey ES, Pickett's Mill ES