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Tyreesha Brown
Area 5 Supervisor
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Area 5 Supervisor & Field Coordinators

Area 5 serves the following schools:

  • Elementary: Argyle, Belmont Hills, Birney, Bryant, Clay, Fair Oaks, Green Acres, Harmony Leland, Hollydale, King Springs K-1 & 2-5, LaBelle, Milford, Nickajack, Norton Park, Riverside Intermediate, Riverside Primary, Smyrna, Teasley
  • Middle: Campbell, Griffin, Lindley 6th grade Academy, Lindley, Smitha
  • High: Campbell, Campbell IB, Osborne, Pebblebrook, Pebblebrook Magnet

Area 5 Field Coordinators

Field Coordinators are experienced transportation personnel who have taken on extra responsibilities to assist the Area Supervisor. They are extensions of Supervisors, to serve as an immediate contact at the schools.

  • Andra Goins: Argyle ES, Belmont Hills ES, Campbell MS, Campbell HS, Green Acres ES, Griffin MS, King Springs K-1 & 2-5, Nickajack ES, Smyrna ES, Teasley
  • Mary Calvin: Birney ES, Fair Oaks ES, Hollydale ES, LaBelle ES, Milford ES, Norton Park ES, Osborne HS, Smitha MS
  • Terry Shields: Bryant ES, Clay ES, Harmony Leland ES, Lindley 6th grade Academy, Lindley, Pebblebrook HS, Riverside Intermdiate, Riverside Primary