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S.O.A.R.: Safe, Orderly, And Respectful

Bus Safety Education for the Cobb County School District

Elementary School Programs: All Grade Levels

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A Student Guide to SOARing into School Bus Safety

The program is designed to complement the Safe Rider Program. Students participating in S.O.A.R. show improved behavior on the bus and become more aware of their safety and surroundings outside of the bus. It is a life-saving program.

Participants: All grade levels, PreK through Fifth Grade


Location: On-site in school’s bus port

Cost: Free

Length of Program per Class: Four 8-minute rotations through bus stations set up in the bus port for a total of 32 minutes per class

Number of Programs per Day: Up to 16 classes of 30 students can be scheduled from 10:00 am to 12:45 pm. (Smaller classes can be combined for a maximum of 30 students.)

Program Details:

  • The bus port or an area of the parking lot should be identified that can accomodate 4 school buses. If assistance is required in making this determination, contact for a site visit.
  • A school administrator should use our Worksheet Scheduler to schedule each class, making every effort to keep same grade levels together. The scheduler should then be provided one of the S.O.A.R. Team Members upon arrival.  
  • We request that your school provide up to 100 colored cones or discs for pathways and two gym mats for the evacuation station.
  • Students will move through bus stations in a quick and orderly manner while covering basic bus rider expectations. The program contains 32 minutes of active instruction and learning time. Teachers or Specialists should accompany students through all stations to assist in student management.
  • A curriculum packet will also be provided to the classroom teacher to satisfy the requirements of yearly bus safety instruction. Spanish version available.




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