CCSD Transportation

S.O.A.R.: Safe, Orderly, And Respectful

Bus Safety Education for the Cobb County School District

Elementary School Programs: Buster - PreK through First Grade

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A School Bus Safety Program featuring BUSTER THE BUS!

Participants: PreK, Kindergarten and First Grades

Offered: SEPTEMBER through MARCH

Location: On-site in school’s media center

Cost: Free

Length of Program: 30 minutes

Number of Programs per Day: Three separate programs can be conducted between the hours of 10:15 am and 12:15 pm. The last program should end by 12:15 pm.

Student Audience Count: 30 (40 maximum)

Real school bus drivers are the program educators in this fun, interactive program with BUSTER! Students learn how to be Safe, Orderly, And Respectful on their school bus (S.O.A.R.), and learn the importance of remaining seated, using inside voices, yellow tags, and how to stay safe inside and outside of the bus.

BUSTER is a fully animated remote-controlled robotic bus. He can wink, blink, speak and listen, along with beeping his horn and turning in circles. With his stop arm and flashing lights, he has all the warning devices of a real bus. 



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