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S.O.A.R.: Safe, Orderly, And Respectful

Bus Safety Education for the Cobb County School District

Middle School Programs

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Safe Ridership and Bus Behavior presented in partnership with SAFE RIDER Expectations

A member of the S.O.A.R. Team presents a PowerPoint with media news clips, photos and Public Service Announcements to help students have a better understanding of the reasons behind the rules during their school bus ride. Bus stop safety procedures are re-visited, along with bus behavior expectations listed in the SAFE RIDER Program. Schools report a proven reduction in bus referrals, and Bus Drivers have reported an immediate change in student behavior on the very first bus ride home after viewing the presentation.

Participants: By grade level, 6th - 8th grade students with teacher supervision


Location: On-site in school theater  

Cost: Free

Length of Presentation per grade level: 60 minutes; a 50-minute presentation with a 5 minute before and after window for class changeover, one-hour total.

Number of Presentations per Day: Speaker can accommodate 3 presentations per day and/or schedule multiple days, if needed.

Program Details:

  • Middle school students are often on their own at bus stops. Considering the most recent bus stop fatalities caused by speeding, careless and distracted motorists, we must continue to educate our students to help keep them safe from harm.

  • The speaker utilizes PowerPoint to feature local bus crash photos, news articles and video clips to emphasize how dangerous habits and unruly behavior can distract the bus driver, putting all who ride at risk.

  • The benefits of a safe bus ride and positive behavior are highlighted by providing ‘do this instead of that’ instruction. (PBiS)

  • In addition, we provide a pretest to be completed by students on the day before the presentation. Teachers turn in completed pretests upon entering the theater. The speaker incorporates pretest answers while presenting the program to students. If time allows, a Q and A session is welcome.

  • A Letter to Parents is provided to schools after the presentation as follow-up to the program. It can be sent home via hard copy, email, or teacher blog.




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