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A Parent’s Guide to Student Safety Education

Elementary School - All Grades or Kindergarten only program available

The Parent’s Guide to Student Safety Education will ease bus ride worries by opening the lines of communication with our department and with your child’s school bus driver. We are committed to educating and working with our community of parents by providing to you the safest ‘best practices’ of ridership. Learn how parents, students, and bus drivers can work together to keep everyone safe.

Not all students are daily bus riders, but ‘car riders’ do ride buses. Whether riding home with a friend, going on a field trip, or riding the bus morning and afternoon, these fun and exciting times need routine and structure.

Participants: Parents, grandparents, bus riders and car-riders, PreK through Fifth Grade.

Offered: JULY through OCTOBER, 6 pm - 8 pm. Saturdays upon special request.

Location: On-site   

Cost: Free

Length of Presentation: 60 minutes; a 30-minute indoor presentation and a 30-minute outdoor presentation.

Program Details:

  • This is a two-part, indoor/outdoor program for parents and students. The presentation will include information regarding Safe Rider Forms, yellow tags, bus stop safety procedures, dressing appropriately for all types of weather, encouraging parents to communicate directly with the bus driver to solve problems, and the 'Here Comes the Bus' App.

  • Parents will meet in the cafeteria or media center for the first half of the program. The S.O.A.R. Team Member will utilize PowerPoint to present our most up-to-date bus stop procedures, expectations, and responsibilities for everyone involved in the bus ride. (No children should be present during the PowerPoint as there are graphic images and video shown for educational purposes during this part of the program.)

  • During the PowerPoint presentation for parents, students are outside onboard buses learning all about bus safety from our S.O.A.R. team of program educators, actual Cobb County school bus drivers.

  • Immediately following the PowerPoint, parents will proceed outside to participate in a fun and informative hands-on experience onboard buses.

  • Students will come inside with school staff, while parents are onboard buses, where they’ll enjoy school bus themed coloring and activity worksheets. Included is a special surprise visit with Hawkeye, our school bus safety mascot!

  • The program concludes with the students returning outdoors and cheering as their parents do an emergency evacuation out of the rear door of the bus. (Optional.)

  • Click here for template for Admin or PTSA to fill out and use for parent invitation/distribution.


A Parent’s Guide to Student Safety Education

Middle School

Middle school students are often on their own at bus stops. Considering the most recent bus stop fatalities caused by speeding, careless and distracted motorists, we must continue to educate our students to help keep them safe from harm.

Participants: Parents of 6th - 8th grade students. Enrolled middle school students may also attend. This program features content that is NOT appropriate for elementary aged students or younger. Please make other arrangements for young children.

Offered: JULY through OCTOBER, JANUARY. 6 pm - 9 pm

Location: On-site in the School Theatre

Cost: Free

Length of Presentation: 30 minutes

Program Details:

  • Media news clips, photos and Public Service Announcements are presented via PowerPoint to help parents and students have a better understanding of the reasons behind the rules during the school bus ride.

  • The most up-to-date bus stop procedures are re-visited, along with bus behavior expectations listed in the SAFE RIDER Program.

  • Schools report a proven reduction in bus referrals, and Bus Drivers have reported an immediate change in student behavior on the very first bus ride home after viewing the presentation.



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