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Chalker Elementary School

Nicole Bristow, Principal

Jeff Jones AP | Shannon Robertson SLI  I Melanie Miller SSA



Annette Bishop, AP  |    |  Chris Schoonover, SSA

325 North Booth Road
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Phone: 678-494-7621
Fax: 678-494-7623

Chalker Mission and Beliefs

Our Vision:

Our vision is to spark wonder, dream dreams, and become more than ever imagined.

Our Mission:

One Team, One Goal, Student Success

Our Beliefs:

  • We believe that all children have a right to learn in a positive, safe, risk-free environment.
  • We believe that each child is an individual with unique learning styles, abilities, needs, and interests. Each child has the right to experience a curriculum that is attainable, matched to his or her potential, yet designed to challenge.
  • We believe that learning flourishes in a culturally rich environment where academic success is encouraged, recognized, and celebrated. Time devoted to developing a student’s ability to think, reason, and solve problems will result in well educated, contributing citizens of tomorrow.
  • As a community of learners, we believe that active participation is the responsibility of the children, family, school, and community. This cohesion will allow 100% of our students to experience success.