Chalker Elementary School

Nicole Bristow, Principal

Jeff Jones AP | Rachael Duckett SSA



Annette Bishop, AP  |    |  Chris Schoonover, SSA

325 North Booth Road
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Phone: 678-494-7621
Fax: 678-494-7623

Chalker Mission and Beliefs

Our Vision:

Our vision is to spark wonder, dream dreams, and become more than ever imagined.

Our Mission:

Our mission as a caring community at Chalker Elementary School is to provide each student with an equal opportunity for a quality education where belief in one’s self is instilled in an atmosphere conducive to learning. We will provide the tools and motivation necessary for our students to become positive contributors and citizens in an ever-changing society.

Our Beliefs:

  • We believe that all children have a right to learn in a positive, safe, risk-free environment.
  • We believe that each child is an individual with unique learning styles, abilities, needs, and interests. Each child has the right to experience a curriculum that is attainable, matched to his or her potential, yet designed to challenge.
  • We believe that learning flourishes in a culturally rich environment where academic success is encouraged, recognized, and celebrated. Time devoted to developing a student’s ability to think, reason, and solve problems will result in well educated, contributing citizens of tomorrow.
  • As a community of learners, we believe that active participation is the responsibility of the children, family, school, and community. This cohesion will allow 100% of our students to experience success.