Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

Case Study: Neglect Scenario 2

One of the students you serve is a severe diabetic. He has a 504 Plan in place to help manage the diabetes which includes regular visits to the nurse to check blood sugar levels and take insulin shots when necessary. As a component of the 504 Plan, you are responsible for reminding the student to visit the nurse at certain intervals when the student is under your charge. You have noticed that the student has started to forget these visits where they had been remembering them previously. You also notice signs and symptoms that you (along with all other staff serving this student) were trained by the school nurse to recognize at the beginning of the school year indicating that the diabetes may not be under control.

You call the student over to you and mention that it is time to visit the nurse, that you have been surprised that they have been forgetting to go recently, and that you are concerned about their health given some of the things you are seeing. The student reports that he has run out of diabetic supplies and medication again because his parents won’t go to the pharmacy to pick up the prescriptions. Because the class is covered by the inclusion teacher, you are able to accompany the student to the clinic. The nurse is very concerned about the student’s medical stability when the two of you arrive at her office. She immediately tries to contact the parents and the emergency contact (paternal grandmother). All the numbers have been disconnected. Ultimately, an ambulance is called and the student is taken to the hospital accompanied by one of the Assistant Principals. In debriefing with the nurse, you find out that the family has been experiencing financial problems, has refused help from the school social worker, and that this is not the first time he has run out of vitally necessary supplies and medication to manage his fragile case of diabetes.

Should this be reported to DFACS?

   Yes           No    

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