Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

Case Study: Physical Abuse Scenario 2

A student comes to class on Monday morning with her arm in a bright pink cast and starts showing it off to her classmates. Many students crowd around her and ask what happened. You overhear her telling the students that she and her mother were jumping on the trampoline and her mother landed on the student’s arm accidently. The student goes on to say that her mom broke her ankle when she landed and that the father took them both to the emergency room. After the class settles down, you quietly call the student over and ask her to tell you what happened. She talks about how much fun everyone had been having on the trampoline Saturday and how much she was enjoying doing flips with her mom. The student explains that she landed wrong during a tandem flip and fell on the floor of the trampoline right as her mom was coming down. She goes on to talk about how cool it was that they were both in the same room in the emergency department of the hospital. As you are checking agendas, you find a note from a doctor in the emergency room excusing the student from PE as well as a note from mom asking you to call her. Since you have a free period next, you call the mom. She asks how her daughter is doing and whether you found the note from the ER doctor. She explains how she would have brought the student in personally this morning to deliver the notes but that she cannot drive temporarily because her right ankle was broken at the same time as her daughter’s arm in a trampoline accident. You feel sorry for the mother and daughter’s pain from the accident.

Should this be reported to DFACS?

   Yes           No    

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