Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

Case Study: Sexual Abuse Scenario 1

On a Monday, one of your female students asks to go to the bathroom frequently during class. This is unusual because the student does not generally ask to use the bathroom outside of normal breaks. When she returns from the bathroom, you notice that she sits back in her seat gently and with a look of physical discomfort on her face. Beyond the look of discomfort when sitting, she seems to have a blank expression and a faraway gaze. This is noteworthy because the student is typically animated and engaged. The next time she asks to go to the bathroom, you step out into the hall with her and ask if everything is ok. She looks at you blankly for what seems like an eternity and then says, in a matter of fact way, that she spent the weekend with her maternal grandparents and that her grandfather got drunk, forced her to have sex, and hurt her physically. She reports painful urination and unusual bleeding. After responding to the student’s statements, you ask a passing faculty member who you know is in their planning period to watch your class for a minute. You walk the student to the nurse’s office and quietly ask to meet privately with the two of them.

Should this be reported to DFACS?

   Yes           No    

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