Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

Discussion of Sexual Abuse Scenario 2

The correct answer for Scenario 2 is Yes.

The situation referenced in Scenario 2 should be reported to DFCS as neglect.

Georgia law specifically prohibits the lewd exhibition of the genitalia or pubic area of any person to a child.

Key Concepts in Scenario 2:

  • Students will sometimes draw, play, or write about things in their life that are confusing. When the content is graphically sexual, a mandated reporter should act appropriately.
  • Mandated reporters are required to report the sexual abuse of a child in Georgia.
  • Lewd exhibition of the genitalia or pubic area of any person to a child is illegal in Georgia.

Features of Scenario 2:

Students will many times use play like behavior such as drawing to express things they do not understand. Drawings that depict knowledge of human sexuality that is not age appropriate are frequently indicators of exposure to graphic material or lewd acts.

It is not uncommon for a student to trust a teacher and use a medium like a journal express difficult of confusing things in their lives.

The fact that the baby sitter is college aged indicates that they are likely an adult.

Pedophiles will use a technique frequently called grooming to work up to actual physical sexual contact with a target child. During the grooming process, they will push limits with the child to see how far they can go. Showing graphic material is a typical part of the grooming process.

The educator in this example acts appropriately to assess whether the journal entry was a made up story or the account of an actual event.

The graphic drawings might be considered a discipline issue by some; but in this scenario, they are a symptom of exposure to pornographic material and a natural response. The educator is correct in minimizing the discipline infraction of such drawings and focusing instead on the student’s safety.

Immediately follow the protocol for reporting sexual abuse as a mandated reporter.

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