Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

Case Study: Sexual Abuse Scenario 2

One of your school’s improvement plan goals is to increase writing across the curriculum. As such, you have instituted a journaling component to your instruction. As you are reading one of the journals, you notice that pictures are drawn in it that shows private body parts of adult men and women in detail. Some of the drawings seem to depict specific sexual behaviors. As you continue to read the journal, the student explains that he drew the images based on a movie he was made to watch with a neighbor who was babysitting him. The narrative goes on to say that the neighbor is a college aged male. The student also describes the movie in enough detail to give the picture that it was pornographic material rather than a mainstream movie. You call the student over and ask him about the passage in the journal. He says that the movie was very confusing and that he had a bad feeling inside about the babysitter. He said his parents didn’t believe them when he told them, and he is supposed to go over there for babysitting again in a few days. With tears welling up in his eyes, the student asks if you are mad at him and if he is in trouble for the drawings. You thank him for trusting you, explain that his safety is more important than the drawings, and say that you are going to help.

Should this be reported to DFACS?

   Yes           No    

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