Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

Special Situations in Reporting

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Sometimes when reporting child abuse and neglect, there may be situations which require specific actions, such as the following:

When a student is expressing suicidal ideations in connection with an abuse situation, notify DFCS and follow the suicidal and homicidal ideation protocol. This is available on both the District Prevention Intervention Website and the Student Support Page.

If a student is in need of emergency medical services in the context of an abuse situation

  • Follow the procedures outlined in Administrative Rule JL-C.
  • Once medical attention has been secured, immediately notify DFCS using the DFCS reporting protocol.
  • Contact the district's Department of Public Safety
  • Notify the parent or guardian that the student has been transported to the hospital. DO NOT indicate that abuse is suspected as the cause of injury.

If a student has been allegedly abused by a district employee...

The person who suspects the abuse should make an immediate report to DFACS as well as contact the principal, the Department of Professional Standards and Ethics, and th Department of Public Safty both orally and in writing as discussed in the DFCS protocol.

If a parent or guardian confronts the school about a suspected report, school staff should not confirm any information and no records regarding the referral should be released to the parent or guardian.

If a student is placed in the custody of the state via a court order or through protective custody, the school should notify the Department of Public Safety.

This website is for informational purposes only and is not meant to constitute legal advice.

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