Clay's Mission Statement:

We are Clay Dolphins,
Creating a Community of Life Long Learners,
Achieving every Dolphin's Dream!


"A caring community inspiring and empowering life-long learners."



 The following statements we believe to be true about Clay       Elementary and our mission as educators:

  • Every child can learn and should believe and know that learning is possible.

  • Every child should be given the opportunity to learn in a classroom where all learning styles and intelligences are accommodated.

  • Every child should be encouraged to reach his/her full potential and take responsibility for their learning.

  • Educators should make learning real and meaningful for the students.

  • Educators should find out what students need and be aware of their backgrounds.

  • Educators should build on students' strengths.

  • Educators should show students they care.

  • Collaboration with staff, students, administration, parents and community is the path to a school's success - it takes a village.

  • Teachers use assessment tools to provide data needed to set goals to increase student achievement.

  • Cultural diversity should be valued.

  • Students learn best in a positive, safe, and secure environment.

  • Parents must be involved and educated on ways to help their child academically and socially as needed.