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About Clay Elementary

Our Mission:
"We are Clay Dolphins: Creating a community of life-long learners, achieving every Dolphin's Dream."


Our Vision:
"A caring community inspiring and empowering life-long learners."


Our Beliefs:
The following statements we believe to be true about Clay Elementary and our mission as educators:

  • Every child can learn and should believe and know that learning is possible.

  • Every child should be given the opportunity to learn in a classroom where all learning styles and intelligences are accommodated.

  • Every child should be encouraged to reach his/her full potential and take responsibility for their learning.

  • Educators should make learning real and meaningful for the students.

  • Educators should find out what students need and be aware of their backgrounds.

  • Educators should build on students' strengths.

  • Educators should show students they care.

  • Collaboration with staff, students, administration, parents and community is the path to a school's success - it takes a village.

  • Teachers use assessment tools to provide data needed to set goals to increase student achievement.

  • Cultural diversity should be valued.

  • Students learn best in a positive, safe, and secure environment.

  • Parents must be involved and educated on ways to help their child academically and socially as needed.

Our History
Named after Lucius D Clay, whose family resided in Cobb County and was very active in the community. Clay Street and Clay Homes in Marietta, Georgia are named after Lucius' father, Senator Alexander Stephens Clay. Lucius' mother, Fanny White Clay, became the Marietta postmaster for 21 years after her husband died. She died in 1942 at the age of 79.

In 1937 Lucius served on General Douglas Mac Arthur's staff in the Philippines. He became brigadier general in 1942. He was deputy military governor of Germany in 1946. He was commander of the U.S. forces in Germany from 1947 to May 1949. He became general in 1947.

General Clay was hailed by the U.S. Congress as the "Hero of Berlin" and was honored by eight foreign governments, as well as with his own nations Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star and three distinguished service medals. He also received the Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire and the Grand Cross First Class of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

He was one of the chief architects of America's interstate highway system. In 1952, General Clay convinced General Eisenhower to run for President of the United States in 1952. Clay served was a personal representative for President Kennedy between August 1961 and May 1962. This was during the construction of the Berlin Wall. President Kennedy called on Clay to be a special ambassador during the Berlin Crisis in 1961. "Clay Allee" is a street in Berlin that is named in General Clay's honor.

General Clay died on April 16, 1978 at his residence in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He is buried in West Point National Cemetery on the Hudson River.