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Blended Learning in Cobb

The International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) is a foundation-backed group that was founded four years ago to expand and enhance K-12 online learning.

iNACOL's president and CEO, Susan Patrick, says it's only a matter of time--and not much time, at that--before virtually all American students are participating in online offerings "as a normal part of their curriculum."

It's going to go mainstream in 10 years," Patrick says, explaining that students who have grown up with the internet have been demanding more and more choices in their education, including online programs, and have been seeking increasingly rigorous courses as well.

Cobb offers online learning opportunities to students through Cobb Virtual Academy and the Blended Learning programs.

What is Blended Learning (BL)?

Blended Learning  brings together the best of the face-to-face classroom and online learning. In a blended learning classroom, students still receive daily, face-to-face instruction, but it is supplemented with the online component that allows the learning to continue past the traditional school time and location restrictions.

What does Blended Learning offer Students?

Enrichment - the online learning space gives students access to additional, course-related material that allows for more in-depth exploration

- student learning can continue past the 55-90 minute class period and outside the four walls of the school building. Teachers can hold live chat sessions and provide protected areas for students to utilize blogs and wikis.

Engagement - the blended approach gives students multiple ways in which to learn a topic. Some students will find the online environment more conducive to open debate and communication on class topics.

“Today’s education system faces irrelevance unless the gap is bridged between how students live and how they learn. Schools are struggling to keep pace with the astonishing rate of change in students’ lives outside school. Students will spend their adult lives in a multitasking, multifaceted, technology-driven, diverse, vibrant world – and they must arrive equipped to do so…..”  Excerpt from Learning for the 21st Century

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