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CVA Registration Process


Beginning with the Spring 2015 term, CVA's registration process is improving!


1.  Students Register Online:  Students will immediately receive a Welcome email with Login and Student Orientation information.  Students should begin working on the Orientation immediately.


2. Students Enrolled in CVA Course:  Students will be enrolled in their CVA content course within approximately two business days of registration.


3.  Counselors Verify Course Selection:  Local School Counselors will verify student enrollment within about 3 business days after registration.  Students and parents will receive an email from the counselor when verification is completed. If the student is taking the course as a tuition student, the verification email will contain payment information.


4. Tuition Students ONLY:  Tuition students will receive an email with payment information after their local school counselor verifies their course with CVA.


What do you need before registration?

Before beginning registration have the following information available:

1. Student Email address: Addresses should be appropriate, valid and correctly entered on the registration form. Students must set up their email filters to allow blind copies and attachments.

Students must begin checking their email account for Cobb Virtual Academy correspondence immediately after enrollment.

2. Parent email address: The primary mode of communication for Cobb Virtual Academy is via email. All parents/guardians are should have an active email address that is routinely checked by the parent.

Parent email addresses provided at registration MUST be different from the student's email account.

3. Cobb County School District Student ID Number: This is a 6 or 7 digit student id (lunch number). This number is usually located on report cards, school id badges, etc. Registration is not complete without correct student id numbers. Students with incorrect student numbers may be dropped from the course to accommodate other students.



If you have the information listed above, you may continue with registration for a Cobb Virtual Academy course. 

Do you wish to continue with registration?

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If registration is open and you are not being directed to the next registration page, click the REFRESH button on your browser while on this page.


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