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Spring Term 2015

Online Registration for Spring Term 2015 is closed

Walk-In Final Registration

Thursday, January 29th from 4:00 to 5:30
at the CVA Learning Center

Students must attend Walk-In Registration
. They will register, pay (if a tuition student), complete orientation and, if registering for personal fitness, participate in equipment pick-up and training .

 Students registering for personal fitness should wear comfortable clothing and gym shoes. All personal fitness students are required to participate in the state-mandated pre-fitness assessment.

Please Note:
The availability of courses is based on the number of students that register. Some courses may not be available at walk-in registration. Please check here for updates to course availability.

Spring Term General Dates

Spring Term Orientation, Help Session, and EOC/Final Exam Schedule

April 27 - April 30

Final Exams
Sunday May 3 - Tuesday May 5

Summer Term 2015

Online Registration
Opens Tuesday, April 28 at 9 AM - All Students
Closes Wednesday, May 20 at Noon

June 22 - 25*

Final Exams
Sunday July 5 - Tuesday July 7*

*See the schedule below for date/time details

Summer Term General Dates

Summer Term Orientation, Help Session, and EOC/Final Exam Schedule

Meeting Cobb's 21st Century Students Online

90% of Public College and Universities nationally and

all Georgia public Colleges, Universities and Technical Schools use an online learning system for

instruction, communication and assessment.


The Cobb County School District is a leader in the integration of technology to provide improved educational opportunities for students.  Cobb Virtual Academy is an integral part of this leadership.  Completing a meaningful online learning experience allows students to become familiar with key means of increasing their own learning skills and knowledge.  It will also prepare them for the demands that they will encounter in higher education, the workplace, and in personal life-long learning.  While students informally develop technology skills and gain experience through their media rich lives, an online learning experience will require them to complete assignments, meet deadlines, learn appropriate online behavior, and effectively collaborate with others in an instructional setting.


Cobb students experience virtual learning through Cobb Virtual Academy and in the regular classroom with Blended Learning


> NCAA Certification CVA Courses are NCAA Approved - click below for details

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> Parents Participate as Observers
Parents observe student courses.
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