Cooper Middle - School Council

2013 - 2014 Members
Dr. Vanessa Watkins - Principal
Kameka Stephens - Parent
Cyronne Counts - Parent
Ramona Johnson - Parent
Tracey Belfast - Parent
Carol Mickus - Faculty
Chris Munoz - Faculty
Crystal Mast - Faculty

Meeting Dates
All meetings will be held at 8:00 a.m. in the Front Office Conference Room

Every school in the state of Georgia is required to have a School Council. The composition of the school council must consist of at least seven members.  Three of those members must be certificated teachers.  Parents must hold the majority of the seats on the council. Members of the council must be elected for a minimum of a two year term with half of the members serving staggered terms expiring each year.

Only certificated teacher/instructional personnel who are eligible for membership on the school council may nominate and vote for certificated teacher/instructional staff representatives on the council. Any member of the electing body must be physically present at the school during the publicized election date to cast a vote for the council representatives and has one vote and shall be issued one official ballot form to vote for two or more council representatives. The election of the council members shall be determined by plurality.

If you are a certified staff member and you would like to nominate someone/yourself for the school council, please write the individual's name on a piece of paper with the date and place it in my mailbox prior to the election date.

Parent nominations can either be brought to the school or e-mailed to Dr. Watkins at Each nomination must include the person's name, phone # and an e-mail address, if available.

The election date has been scheduled for Monday, November 7.

Please read below for pertinent information about the School Council and its members.

School councils are comprised of a minimum of seven council members:

How do School Councils Conduct Business?

What is the Role of the Local Board of Education with School Councils?

The local board of education shall:

The local board of education shall respond to recommendations of the council within 60 days after being notified in writing of the recommendation.