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Intern Starts at Scholastic Books

One of our interns will start at Scholastic Books today to continue his internship.  He will be helping in the warehouse and will sort, price, and process books.

Post Date: 11/14/2016

Intern Starts at Kuhn VW Today

A Corporate Classroom intern will be moving to Kuhn VW in Marietta to continue his internship today.  He is very interested in working on cars but has never had the opportunity to do so in a professional setting.  He will be learning how to change tires, change oil, and repair brakes.  This is a wonderful opportunity for him to expand his knowledge and he is very excited.  

Post Date: 10/3/2016

Three Interns Hired by Cobb County!

Three Corporate Classroom interns were hired at the Cobb County Schools Transportation Department in a variety of positions. These interns had the opportunity to intern with the Transportation Department through the program and have done so well that they were each offered paid employment.  One of our interns will be working as a bus monitor and will be helping elementary students with special needs who ride the bus. Another interns has been assisting in Fleet Maintenance and has been helping to repair busses and change tires.  He will now be doing this permanently.  The other intern will be working as a clerical assistant over the summer and will help fill requests doe Special Ed. transportation.

Post Date: 5/30/2016

Intern Hired at Publix

One of our interns was hired at  a Publix near his home.  He will be working as a bagger and is looking forward to the opportunity to work in customer service.

Post Date: 4/4/2016

Intern Hired at Atlanta Bread Company

One of our interns was offered paid employment through her internship site at Atlanta Bread Company.  She is very interested in food service and would like to go to culinary school in the future.  She has been serving the food and running the register and is looking forward to the opportunity to continue to grow her resume.

Post Date: 3/30/2016

Intern at the Library

One of our interns is continuing her internship with the Cobb County Public Library System.  She loves to read and is very interested in learning more about the library system.  She is learning to shelf books and is becoming more familiar with the Dewey Decimal System.  She will also have the opportunity to learn how to check books out and practice her customer service skills.

Post Date: 2/9/2016

Two Interns Starting with Community Businesses Today!

Two of our interns continued on their paths toward employment today by starting internships with businesses within the community.  One intern who has been interested in food service for many years started an internship in the kitchen at Longhorn Steakhouse.  Another intern recently discovered that he enjoys working in a warehouse setting.  He will be continuing his participation in the Corporate Classroom program by interning at HomElectrical Warehouse.  We are thrilled for both of them as they pursue their passions and build their resumes!

Post Date: 11/30/2015

Two Interns Participating in Community Internships

Two Corporate Classroom interns are now participating in internships within business in their community.  One intern is training at Weaver Brake and Tire learning basic mechanical skills and the other is at the Cobb County Regional Library learning the Dewey Decimal System and checking books in and out.

Post Date: 10/20/2015

Corporate Classroom Staff Presenting at Special Education Conference

Lori Taylor and Katherine Stewart will be presenting at the Georgia Council for Special Education Administrator's Fall conference at the Hyatt in downtown Atlanta.  Their presentation, titled "Teaching T.C.B." Equipping students with disabilities with their own strategies of self-accommodation in a workplace" will be presented October 28th and 29th.

Post Date: 10/1/2015

New Interns Join Corporate Classroom!

Several new interns joined the Corporate Classroom program for the 2015-2016 school year.  They are working in a variety of departments within the Cobb County School District, including Maintenance, Finance, Special Student Services, Food & Nutrition, and equipment management at the Kennesaw Warehouse.

Post Date: 8/3/2015

Intern Hired by Southern Computer Warehouse

We got the very exciting news today that another of our interns has been offered permanent paid employment through his community internship.  With this newest hire, ALL of our interns who have participated in community internships have now been hired at their internship sites.  We are very proud of all their hard work and wish them the best in their new jobs.

Post Date: 5/14/2015

Intern Hired by Classic Collision

We are thrilled for one of our interns who has begun employment at Classic Collision.  He was interning at this site for a semester and was offered a permanent position just as his internship there was coming to a close.  He has been working hard detailing cars and is looking forward to learning more about auto body repairs.

Post Date: 5/11/2015

Intern Hired by Jim Ellis Volkswagen

One of our interns was offered permanent employment through his internship site at Jim Ellis Volkswagen!  He will be assisting the Parts Department and the Hospitality team and is looking forward to starting work there.

Post Date: 5/5/2015

Interns Offered Paid Summer Employment

Two of our interns have been offered paid positions for the summer at their internship site.  These interns have been working with the CCSD Transportation Department over the last semester and now have the opportunity to continue in their positions as paid employees for the summer.  They have both accepted the offer and are looking forward to this experience.

Post Date: 5/4/2015

Intern Hired by Heritage Assisted Living Home

We are excited to announce that one of our interns has been hired by Heritage Assisted Living Home of Brookstone! We are so excited for her!

Post Date: 3/23/2015

Welcome Southern Computer Warehouse!

We are now partnering with Southern Computer Warehouse. One of our interns began working with them on January 30th and is helping to process computer orders as well as assisting the Marketing Department.

Post Date: 2/2/2015

Two Interns Working With Transportation Dept.

Two of our interns are now working with site staff in the CCSD Transportation Department. One intern is helping out with clerical work and another is working with the Fleet Department!

Post Date: 2/2/2015

Three New Interns Doing Great!

Our three new interns are doing a fabulous job! They are working with site staff in the CCSD mailroom, in the Accounting Department and with Custodial. 

Post Date: 1/26/2015

Intern Receives Training at Classic Collision

One of our interns is now receiving his training at Classic Collision. He is enjoying learning everything he can about this industry and has been working in their Parts Department and with the detailing team.

Post Date: 1/19/2015

Interns Host Party for Central Office Staff

The interns hosted an “Appreciation Reception” on Friday, November 21st to thank all of their co-workers at Central Office for supporting the program. The interns and teachers all pitched in to provide delicious snacks for all of the staff. It was a huge success with around 100 people attending.

Post Date: 12/1/2014

Jim Ellis Volkswagon

One of our interns joined the Jim Ellis VW team through an internship on October 23rd! He is working in the parts department and with the hospitality team.

Post Date: 10/27/2014

Alive Ministries

The Corporate Classroom is partnering with Alive Ministries to collect nonperishable food and toiletries for families in need from the Cobb County School District. You can find more information about this wonderful program at http://www.aliveministriesinc.org/.

Post Date: 10/7/2014

Marietta Conference Center

Two of our interns worked at the CCSD Classified Employee Luncheon at the Marietta Conference Center on September 9th. It was a great experience for everyone involved!

Post Date: 9/15/2014

Two Interns Participating in Community Internships

Two Corporate Classroom interns are now participating in internships within businesses in their community.  One intern is interning at Weaver Brake and Tire learning basic mechanical skills and the other is interning at The Cobb County Regional Library learning about the Dewey Decimal System. 

Post Date: