A Pathway to Success
From School to Career Readiness



What businesses are partnering with the Corporate Classroom?

The interns are working successfully within several departments of the CCSD Central Office including the Risk Management Department, Accounting Department, Transportation and Mailroom.  Our more experienced interns are participating in internships within community businesses such as Jim Ellis Volkswagen, Classic Collision, Southern Computer Warehouse and Heritage Assisted Living Home.


What types of jobs are the interns able to perform?

The interns can perform various tasks in a variety of service areas that will depend on where the intern is placed for training. Presently, the interns are successfully and independently performing jobs such as:

  • Clerical/Office work:  various levels of data entry, scanning and archiving documents, copying, collating, putting together packets of information, shredding, filing and alphabetizing
  • Custodial work:  cleaning, setting up for meetings, ordering supplies
  • Customer Service:  greeting customers, serving customers, running a cash register, making deposits, placing orders for supplies needed
  • Mailroom:  sorting mail, delivering mail, running a meter for outgoing mail
  • Parts Department:  taking inventory, sorting inventory, stocking shelves
  • Food Service:  food prep, dining room set up, dishwashing


How long do the interns participate in the program?

While most interns complete the program within one year, they are able to participate for up to 2 years or until the day before their 22nd birthday if appropriate.


How long will the internships last within each business?

Interns will participate in an unpaid internship within the business for approximately 1 semester. However the program is flexible based on the input and preferences of each individual business and the needs of our interns.


What are the criteria for interns to be accepted to the program?

The Corporate Classroom program takes place in a corporate setting away from the traditional high school campus to provide a more natural transition to the adult world. Therefore, there are specific criteria and expectations to be accepted into this program. If the student meets all of the criteria below, a referral can be made through each school’s Transition Resource Specialist. Based on the application, an interview will be set up to determine final eligibility for this program.

The intern must:

  • be at least 18 years of age and/or able to complete at least one semester of this program prior to the age of 22
  • understand that no transportation is provided by CCSD for this program and be willing to work out a mode of transportation to and from the site they are assigned
  • be motivated and have a desire to work
  • understand that they may be subject to drug tests and background checks in order to intern within a partnering business
  • display the ability to complete tasks and manage their day with a significant degree of independence
  • demonstrate endurance to sustain a workday
  • be responsible with money and personal belongings
  • be willing to perform unpaid job training
  • be willing to follow dress code in all situations and come to school consistently well groomed
  • be responsible for managing his/her hygiene and personal needs
  • have support from parents to allow their young adult to participate with independence within the framework of this program
  • be willing to work in various service areas including custodial services
  • have a history of good attendance with no more than 3 unexcused absences in the last semester
  • have health insurance
  • be willing to sign a behavioral contract
  • be willing to sign a liability contract
  • be willing to advocate and self-disclose any medical conditions (CCSD Nursing services will not be available)
  • understand that speech/language services, if required , will be on a consultative basis
  • have Georgia picture ID, Social Security card, and Birth Certificate
  • agree to set up a phone account or have a working cell phone
  • not require goals and objectives to manage social behavior


What support is offered through CCSD employees?

The interns are supervised by specially trained CCSD personnel to maximize the opportunities for success in a work setting. Corporate Classroom staff will be available for training purposes and ongoing support throughout the internship.


What are the benefits for the interns through this program?

  • The Corporate Classroom will provide career exploration opportunities for our interns.
  • The Corporate Classroom will provide skill development for the interns and help them build a work experience resume for future employment.
  • The Corporate Classroom will provide the opportunity for the interns to build their confidence and learn the importance of being responsible and dependable in a work environment.


What are the benefits for the corporation/business through this program?

  • The Corporate Classroom provides businesses the opportunity to partner with Cobb County School District to make a difference in the interns’ lives.
  • The Corporate Classroom provides businesses an additional worker to assist with tasks, giving other employees more time to be productive and efficient.
  • The Corporate Classroom provides businesses the opportunity to help the interns become an integral part of the community by giving them an environment to learn work skills and all of the associated requirements for employment.


What is the ultimate goal of the program?

The ultimate goal is for the interns to build their skills, confidence and resume so that they are career ready and able to obtain employment upon exiting the program.


How are the interns and the success of the program evaluated?

A 30/60/90 day evaluation will be completed with the business and interns to discuss how things are going and make adjustments accordingly.