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Eighth Grade Teachers

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Teachers and administrators are in the classroom or working with students for most of the day. In some circumstances, it may take up to 24 hours for them to reply to your e-mail or phone message. Messages left on Friday may not be returned until Monday. Thank you.

Teacher Subject Room Blog Email
Maureen Andrizzi Math   (Math Team Blog) 8B2 Blog
Jennifer Attard Language Arts 8A4 Blog
Alane Bartlett French 8B3 Blog
Beth Berry Social Studies 8A3 Blog
Julianne Chabot Language Arts 8C5 Blog
Kristen Crain Science    Codeing Club Blog 8B4 Blog
Kelly Curran Math   (Math Team Blog) 8A2 Blog
Lauren Henry Math   (Math Team Blog) 8C1 Blog
Barbara Humphreys Language Arts 8G5 Blog
Karen Humphreys Science 8C4 Blog
Lisa Isbell Social Studies 8C2 Blog
Rebecca Johnson Social Studies/Lang. Arts 8B1 Blog
Amber Jones Science 6A5 Blog
Richard Kaht Science     (Science Olympiad) 7G4 Blog
Karen Kister Spanish 8G4 Blog
Connie Kirshner Reading 7G3 Blog
Jennifer Mire Social Studies 8G1 Blog
Julie Myers Science 8A1 Blog
Jacquelynn Roche Language Arts 8G2 Blog
Brenda Roth Science 8G6 Blog
Melanie Scammacca Reading 8C3 Blog
Mary Scarbrough Science 8A1 Blog
Christy Sheridan Social Studies/Math  Codeing Club Blog 8C5 Blog
Anna Thompson Spanish 8G3 Blog
Brooke Whalen Math   (Math Team Blog) 7G1 Blog
Holly Wyatt Reading 8C2 Blog