Dickerson Middle School

Adam Hill, Principal

Amy Stump, AP6      |  Tommy (TJ) Perry , AP7  

Sandra Alford, AP8   |  Christina Huffman, SSA

855 Woodlawn Drive
Marietta, GA 30068
Phone: 770-578-2710
Fax: 770-578-2712

Dickerson Sixth Grade Teachers

Dickerson Staff

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Teachers and administrators are in the classroom or working with students for most of the day. In some circumstances, it may take up to 24 hours for them to reply to your e-mail or phone message. Messages left on Friday may not be returned until Monday. Thank you.

Teacher Subject Room Blog Email
Elizabeth Alibright Reading 6B3 Blog Email
Taylor Berry Math   (Math Team Blog) 6C1 Blog Email
Lisa Bijit Reading  (AC Blog) 6B2 Blog Email
Susan Blanchard Lang. Arts 6C2 Blog Email
Kim Carlton Lang.Arts/Soc.Studies 6Com Blog Email
Tara Flint Math  (Math Team Blog) 6D2 Blog Email
Lisa Green Science  (Sience Olympiad Blog) 6C4 Blog Email
Michael Holmquist Language Arts 6A4 Blog Email
Karen Humphreys Science / Social Studies 6A1 Blog Email
Amber Jones Science / Lang. Arts 6A5 Blog Email
Daniel Kamhout Math   (Math Team Blog) 6A3 Blog Email
Brittany Knight Social Studies 6B4 Blog Email
April Lockhart Social Studies 6C3 Blog Email
Marcia Neilly Social Studies / Science 7A5 Blog Email
Melissa Sanacore Reading   (Craft Club Blog) 6A2 Blog Email
Melanie Scammacca Lang. Arts 7C1 Blog Email
Karen Stone Math  6Com Blog Email
Lynn Sussman Science 6D1 Blog Email
Kimberly Tuttle Science 6B1 Blog Email
Brooke Whalen Math   (Math Team Blog) 7A4 Blog Email
Brandon Whitworth Social Studies 6D4 Blog Email
Sunny Williams Language Arts / Reading 6D3 Blog Email
Holly Wyatt Reading 6A5 Blog Email