Dodgen Faculty and Staff

Dr. Loralee Hill, Principal - Email
Tia Bryller, Assistant Principal - Email
Dr. Dana Giles, Assistant Principal - Email
Anne Foster, Support and Services Administrator - Email

6th Grade
Kathleen Atkins (Math/SS) - Email 
Rachel Bonner (Math) - Email  
Kim Clark (LA) - Email 
Christian DiBlasi (Rdg/SS)  - Email 
Claire Giles (LA/SS) - Email 
Donna Halverson (Sci) - Email  
Cole Hansard (Rdg) - Email 
Christine Heuel (Sci/SS) - Email 
Joan Jackson (SS) - Email 
Lisa Majewski (LA) - Email  
Elizabeth Markman (Rdg) - Email 
Sheryl Mastley (Rdg/SS) - Email
Janie Smalley (Math) - Email 
Shanna Spatch (Math) - Email
Jill Stittleburg (Sci) - Email 
Cindy Testa (SS/Sci) - Email 
Brian Wilson (SS) - Email | Web 
Pam Winarski (LA) - Email 

7th Grade
Pamela Coccoli (Rdg) - Email 
Morgan Cochran (Sci) - Email
Janet Dalton (Sci) - Email 
Jordan DeGennaro (LA) - Email 
David Gabel (Mth) - Email 
Bethany Geyer (LA, Rdg) - Email 
Barb Kane (LA/Rdg) - Email 
Kim Kellett (Sci) - Email 
Rosemarie Meagh (Math) - Email 
Miles Price (Mth/Sci) - Email 
Kim Solomon (Rdg) - Email 
Betty Tabor (SS) - Email 
Ava Thompson-Assam (Rdg/Mth) - Email 
Ben VandenBergh (SS) - Email 
Fred Veeder (Mth) - Email 
Kari Viland (LA) - Email 
Curry Wiles (SS) - Email 
Suzanne Wykes (Rdg) - Email  

8th Grade
Debbie Amodeo (Sci) - Email  
Dora Barzegar (LA) - Email 
Pam Coccoli (Spn) - Email 
Sheri Dennard (CoAlg) - Email 
Courtney Dove (SS) - Email  
Rhonda Giardina (Sci) - Email 
Celine Grimes (SS/Sci) - Email 
Jennifer Kennedy (LA/SS) - Email  
Amy Lytle (LA) - Email 
Liz Mathison (LA) - Email  
Ashley Miller (Math) - Email  
Jeffrey Miller (Sci) - Email 
Stacie Stoller Murrell (Math/LA) - Email  
Debbie Reese (SS) - Email 
Shawnte Scott-Tompkins (SS) - Email 
Marlo Sharp (Frnch) - Email 
Shanna Spatch (Math) - Email 
Janette Strasser (Mth) - Email 
Ana Trenbeath (Spn) - Email 

Subject Coordinators
Language Arts - Bethany Geyer
Exploratory - John Jeffres
Math - Rosemarie Meagh
Reading - Suzanne Wykes
Science - Debbie Amodeo
Social Studies - Shawnte Scott-Tompkins
ALP - Curry Wiles             
Foreign Language - Marlo Sharp

Leslie White (PE, Health) - Email - Web
Clint Daniel (PE, Health) - Email - Web
Trent Weiser (PE, Health) - Email - Web
John Ivers (PE, Health) - Email - Web
Patrick Holman(Technology) - Email | Web
John Jeffres (Band) - Email | Web
Brian Westphal (Band) | Email | Web
Ashley Culley (Orchestra) - Email | Web
April Cull (Orchestra) - Email
Chris Whittington (Chorus) - Email | Web
Rachel Howard (Chorus) - Email | Web
Joan Weatherford (Art) - Email | Web
Dave Lucey (Business) - Email

Learning Commons
Sue Klodnicki - Email
Camilla Cohn

Mary Ortland -  Email

Sarvar Aidun
Kathy Belyea
Donna Brown
Phyllis Ellison, VI
Amanda Heaton
Tara Martin
Kay Mathis, VI
Jennifer McIntosh
Kim Nelson, VI
Kay Wilson

Gary Jackson

Campus Police Officer
William Kretzmer

Joyce Kemper (MID) - Email | Blog 
Karen Sanacore (Speech) - Email 
Joanna Montalvo (ESOL) - Email 
Tracy Fitch (VI) - Email
Kathy Fishman - Email

Foreign Language
Pam Coccoli (Spn/Rdg) - Email 
Ana Trenbeath (Spn) - Email 
Marlo Sharp (Frnch/Origins) - Email  

Counseling Department
Tonia Martin-Gatlin (A - K) - Email l Web
Angelia Bruce (L - Z) - Email

Social Worker
Karen Schwartz - Email

Vicki Bunke, Ph.D. - Email

Support Staff
Leigh Andersen - Bookkeeper
Lisa Boardman - Secretary
Linda Caballero - Pupil Personnel Clerk
Tricia Eoff - Guidance Clerk - Email
Wade Jones - Lab Manager - Email
Shannon Petrucci - Clerk

Cafeteria Staff
Suzanne Leuck - Manager
Kenya Boone
Linda Brown
Katie Hartz
Eric Hunt
Sally Mallis
Monique Mavindi
Sara Simmons
Leah Tolar

Custodial Staff
Harold Sanders
John Williams
Robert Taylor
Brittany Wyatt