Dodgen Faculty and Staff

Dr. Loralee Hill, Principal - Email
Tia Bryller, Assistant Principal - Email
Gary Jackson, Assistant Principal - Email
Kim Kranzlein, Assistant Principal - Email
Anne Foster, Support and Services Administrator - Email

6th Grade
Kathleen Atkins (Math) - Email  Conference
Kim Clark (Math) - Email  Conference
Claire Giles (SS) - Email  Conference
Donna Halverson (Sci) - Email  Conference
Cole Hansard (Rdg) - Email  Conference
Christine Heuel (Rdg) - Email  Conference
Lindsay Leatherwood (Rdg/SS) - Email  Conference
Lisa Majewski (LA) - Email  Conference
Elizabeth Markman (Rdg) - Email  Conference
Sheryl Mastley (Rdg) - Email   Conference
Kelly O'Brien (LA) - Email  Conference
Janie Smalley (Math) - Email   Conference
Shanna Spatch (Math) - Email   Conference
Jill Stittleburg (Sci) - Email    Conference
Cindy Testa (Sci/SS) - Email   Conference
Brian Wilson (SS) - Email | Web   Conference
Pam Winarski (LA) - Email    Conference

7th Grade
Dora Barzegar (Rdg) - Email    Conference

Morgan Cochran (Sci) - Email   Conference
Pam Coccoli (Rdg) - Email    Conference
Janet Dalton (Sci) - Email    Conference
Jordan DeGennaro (LA) - Email    Conference
Christian DiBlasi (SS) - Email    Conference
David Gabel (Mth) - Email   Conference
Barb Kane (LA) - Email    Conference
Kim Kellett (Sci) - Email    Conference
Rosemarie Meagh (Math) - Email    Conference
Miles Price (Mth/Rdg) - Email   Conference
Kim Solomon (LA) - Email   Conference
Ava Thompson-Assam (Sci/SS) - Email   Conference
Ben VandenBergh (SS) - Email   Conference
Fred Veeder (Mth) - Email   Conference
Kari Viland (LA) - Email    Conference
Curry Wiles (SS) - Email   Conference
Suzanne Wykes (Rdg) - Email    Conference

8th Grade
Debbie Amodeo (Sci) - Email    Conference
Marc Chalmers (LA) - Email    Conference
Pam Coccoli (Spn) - Email    Conference
Sheri Dennard (CoAlg) - Email    Conference
Courtney Dove (SS) - Email    Conference
Dana Evans (Sci) - Email   Conference
Celine Grimes (SS/Sci) - Email   Conference
Jennifer Kennedy (LA) - Email   Conferenece
Amy Lytle (LA) - Email    Conference
Liz Mathison (LA) - Email   Conference
Ashley Miller (Math) - Email   Conference
Jeffrey Miller (Sci) - Email   Conference
Stacie Stoller Murrell (Math) - Email   Conference
Debbie Reese (SS) - Email   Conference
Marlo Sharp (Frnch) - Email   Conference
Shanna Spatch (Math) - Email   Conference
Janette Strasser (Mth) - Email   Conference
Kay Tabor (SS) - Email    Conference
Ana Trenbeath (Spn) - Email   Conference
Fred Veeder (Mth) - Email    Conference

Subject Coordinators
Language Arts - Liz Mathison
Exploratory - John Jeffres
Math - Rosemarie Meagh
Reading - Suzanne Wykes
Science - Debbie Amodeo
Social Studies - Courtney Dove
ALP - Curry Wiles             
World Language - Marlo Sharp

Leslie White (PE, Health) - Email - Web
Clint Daniel (PE, Health) - Email - Web
Trent Weiser (PE, Health) - Email - Web
John Ivers (PE, Health) - Email - Web
Patrick Holman(Technology) - Email | Web
John Jeffres (Band) - Email | Web
Brian Westphal (Band) | Email | Web
Ashley Culley (Orchestra) - Email | Web
Heather Lofdahl (Orchestra) - Email
Chris Whittington (Chorus) - Email | Web
Rachel Howard (Chorus) - Email | Web
Joan Weatherford (Art) - Email | Web
Dave Lucey (Business) - Email

Learning Commons
Sue Klodnicki - Email
Sarvar Aidun

Mary Ortland -  Email

Sarvar Aidun
Kathy Belyea
Donna Brown
Maureen Collins
Phyllis Ellison, VI
Susan Hinck
Melissa Jones
Jennifer McIntosh

Kay Wilson

Campus Police Officer
William Kretzmer

Joyce Kemper (MID) - Email | Blog    Conference
Karen Sanacore (Speech) - Email 
Joanna Montalvo (ESOL) - Email 
Leia Morgan (VI) - Email

World Language
Pam Coccoli (Spn) - Email   Conference
Ana Trenbeath (Spn) - Email   Conference
Marlo Sharp (Frnch/Origins) - Email   Conference

Counseling Department
Tonia Martin-Gatlin (A - K) - Email l Web
Angelia Bruce (L - Z) - Email

Social Worker
Karen Schwartz - Email

Vicki Bunke, Ph.D. - Email

Support Staff
Leigh Andersen - Bookkeeper -  Email
Lisa Boardman - Secretary
Linda Caballero - Pupil Personnel Clerk -  Email
Tricia Eoff - Guidance Clerk - Email
Wade Jones - Lab Manager - Email
Shannon Petrucci - Clerk

Cafeteria Staff
Suzanne Leuck - Manager
Gene Da-Camara
Eric Hunt
Ahdiyeh Janathi
Rodina Mahfroujaki
Sally Mallis
Lacie McBay
Leah Tolar

Custodial Staff
Harold Sanders, AM
John Williams, PM
Patricia Escobar
Victor Matthews
Robert Taylor
Brittany Wyatt