Dowell Elementary School

Christine Dinizio, Principal

Tangela Hendrix, Assistant Principal  |  Melissa Rone, Assistant Principal

2121 West Sandtown Road
Marietta, GA 30064
Phone: 678-594-8059
Fax: 678-594-8061

Dowell Faculty & Staff


Principal: Christine Dinizio
Asst. Principal: Tangela Hendrix - Administrator for grades 2 and 5
Asst. Principal: Melissa Rone
- Administrator for grades  K and 3
School Leadership Intern: Amy Riggins - Administrator for grades  1 and 4
Support/Service Administrator:
Ellen Smith

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login information or a code for SeeSaw or Class Dojo***


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Kamilah Haynes - email
Jessica Herculano- email
Katie Hopkins - email 
Tina Jenkins - email
Shannon Jones- email
Joy May - email
Carol Pursell - email
Lauren Starliper - email
Jesseika Wint- email

First Grade

Angelica Braddy- email
Cynthia Brake - email 
Michelle DeWeese - email
Rosario Echevarria - email
Stephanie Guffin - email
Brooke Patrick- email | blog blog2
Deanna Shelow  - email
Megan Sullivan - email
Kari Wood - email

Second Grade
Click Here for the Second Grade Blog

Yiandria Boswell - email
Antoinette Brown - email
Jo Mitchell - email
Quinton Ricks - email
Tammi Scott - email
Jocelyn Smith - email
Mikayla Ward- email 
Angie White - email
Amber Wilson - email

Third Grade

Yesenia Aguirre- email
Martine Dunn - email | blog
Crystal Jefferson - email
Kayleigh Pipe- email | blog
Kristen Schell - email
Kaitlin Smith - email
Lindsey Tackett - email
Tessa Wnek - email
Renee Wooton - email

Fourth Grade

Jaquela Hardin - email
Chelsie Harvey- email
Erin Larkin - email
Grecia Martinez - email
Emily Moon - email | blog
Sara O'Quin - email
Jason Thomas - email | blog
Glenda White - email

Fifth Grade

Melisa Baltes - email | blog
Lisa Bower - email | blog
Areia Cobb - email
Adam Durham - email

Shannon Droms-  email | blog
Raina Michaels - email | blog
Nicholas Moore - email 
David Parker - email 
Jessica Smith - email 

Marlo Williams - email | blog


LaVerne Odeneal - email 


Jessica Arnold (Media Center) - email
Carla Burns (Pre-K) - email 
Diana Clare (Kindergarten) - email
Brenda Berberena-Cortijo (FOCUS) - email
Melody Daniels (IRR) - email
Aundrea Davis (Kindergarten) - email
Malory Evans (Kindergarten) - email
Vanessa Frazer (Kindergarten) - email
Ashley Matthews (PE) - email
Taylor Mitchell (Pre-K) - email 
Kathy Mosher (Kindergarten) - email
Debbie O'Keefe (Kindergarten) - email
Margaret Oranekwulu (EBD K-2)- email
Silvia Sanchez (Kindergarten) - email
Wendy Sullivan (Kindergarten) - email
Alma Willingham (EBD 3-5)- email

Front Office Staff

Chandra Wyatt (Secretary) - email
Lori Pinderski (Bookkeeper) - email
Renee Henry (Clerk) - email
Susana Ruiz (Clerk)- email
Lisa Rolon (Nurse)- email
Esther Islam (Parent Facilitator) - email

Special Education

Latonya Frazier (EBD K-2)- email
Lisa Gerrick (FOCUS)- email
Trina Robinson (EBD 3-5)- email
Erin Vining (small group) - email


Kristin Thompson - email 


Wendy Astin (Innovation Lab) - email I blog
Janice Belcher - email | blog
Chad Itnyre (Art) - email
Lauren Mayer (Health/Fitness) - email
John McGinnis (PE) - email
Ruth Pfeifer (Computer Lab) - email | blog
Julie Pszczola (Media Center)- email | blog
Sandy Swint (Music) - email | blog


Jeri Bryant (2,3,4)- email | blog
Kelli Beechler (K,1,5) - email | blog

Support Staff

Instructional Support

Wendy Astin (Advanced Content) - email I blog
Amy Baird (EIP) - email I blog
Julie Brackett (Read 180/Systems 44) - email | blog
Crystal Olszyk (EIP)  - email l blog


Kathy Troglin - email | blog
Emily Wheeler - email | blog


Dawn Davis - email
Morgan Green  - email
Brenda Hall - email
Bobby Jones - email

Lisa Clark (OT) - email
Hayley Hanson (Psychologist) - email
Randy King (Technology) - email
Jackie Korwek (IWC) - email
Jena Parish (TTIS) - email

Social Worker

Lynet Mortensen - email | blog

Learning Commons/Media Center

Julie Pszczola (Media Center)- email | blog

Academic Coaches

Lisa Hendrix- email
Laura Holmes- email