Durham Middle School

Dr. Patricia Alford, Principal

Joshua Fowler, AP 6/7  | Shannon Thorpe, AP 7/8  | Kristina DeFrain, SSA

2891 Mars Hill Road
Acworth, Georgia 30101
Phone: (770) 975-6641
Fax: (770) 975-6643

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Dr. Patricia Alford Principal
Josh Fowler Assistant Principal - 6th & 7th Grade   
Shannon Thorpe Assistant Principal - 7th & 8th Grade
Kristina DeFrain Support & Services Administrator

Office Staff

Cindy Browne Secretary
Robyn Cathey Bookkeeper
Millie Baird Pupil Personnel Clerk
Nelyn Duckworth Clerk
Diana Eltzeroth Clerk
Carey Whitman School Nurse

Multi-grade Instructional Staff

Julayma Kines ESOL Teacher
Dr. Joanna Gay AU Teacher
Robin Kennedy AU Paraprofessional
Kelsey Galvin MID Teacher
Ellen Heath MID Paraprofessional
Amy Ellison ISS  
Michelle Clevenger Speech Teacher  
Geri Connaughton  IRR Paraprofessional

Counseling Staff

Margaret Crandall Counselor
Dr. Angela Hunt Counselor

Media Center

Erin Baker Media Specialist
Tracey Webb Media Paraprofessional

Auxiliary Staff

Officer Don Miller CCSD Campus Police Officer
Quinton Moretz School Psychologist
Patrick Ball Social Worker
Nancy Harrison  Occupational Therapist  

6th Grade

Reading Patti Slade
Melissa Hardin
Amanda Hall   
Julayma Kines   
English Language Arts Caroline Dean
Amanda Hall
Jamie Stahler
Amy Woodall
Jessie Long
Patti Slade
Karen Carnes
Math Rebecca Forester
Corey Rudd
Richard Wilford
Sandra Burnette
Science Troy White
Deborah Ball
David Cunningham
Richard Wilford
Sarah Clark   
Social Studies Jodi Bitler
Edward Brink
Sarah Clark
Danielle Wentworth

7th Grade

Reading Amanda Hall
Jennifer Walsh
Melissa Hardin
Julayma Kines
English Language Arts Jeannette Gray
Michele Downey
Kerry Welborn
Sarah Dutton
Lori Salter
Whitney Mulholland
Math Whitney Morris
Lisa Edwards
Jessica Case  
Julayma Kines  
Science Crecy Peterson
Troy White
Keisha Duke-Woodruff
Nancy Allen   
Social Studies Lisa Garcia-Arrese
Timothy Vedra   
Edward Brink 
Keisha Duke-Woodruff   
Danielle Wentworth   

8th Grade

Reading/Origins of Language Julayma Kines 
Lori Salter
Melissa Hardin
Amanda Hall   
Spanish Kimberly Fugate
English Language Arts Kathryn Daniell
Sarah Dutton 
Karen Carnes
Bethany Geyer
Math Kelly Drawdy
Mary Hajduk 
Christine Price
Jennifer Walsh
Science Michelle Graham
Kristi Hartrampf
Nancy Allen
Rebekah Sapp
Social Studies
Heather Skeans
Thomas Panter
Rebekah Sapp    
Danielle Wentworth    


Risa Groll Business
Nicole Gaut Art
Trina Zwolle Broadcast/Drama

Fine Arts

Michelle Rickard Band
Matt Segars Band
Jennifer Aikey Orchestra
Selena Sanchez General Music / 6th Grade Orchestra  
Susan Campbell Chorus

Physical Education/Health

Jordan Davis Physical Education/Health
Jill Lambertson Physical Education/Health
Keith Gravitt Physical Education/Health

Custodial Staff

Gary Cole Head Custodian
Steven Jones Assistant Head Custodian
Anna Abdulahi  
Anita Rhodes  
Tony Gress  
Martha Gonzalez  

Cafeteria Staff

Lauri Ricketts Cafeteria Manager
Tracy Ardagna  
Ashley Gibson  
Wendy Giovannotto  
Debra Johnson  
Martha Johnson  
Win Khine  
Deborah Strickland