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The Durham Middle School Foundation

The Mission of the Durham Middle School Foundation is to fund elements of education that support and/or enrich curriculum, student services, additional faculty, and facility needs which maximize the impact on students and the greater community.

To support the students and goals of Durham Middle School, above and beyond the educational offerings provided by the Cobb County School District, the Durham Foundation was created. Under the umbrella of the Cobb Schools Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, any and all donations are tax-deductible as established by law.

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With YOUR Support, the Durham Foundation has some

We have created a Digital Age Classroom at Durham. 

What is a Digital Age Classroom?
A re-designed collaborative classroom environment with flexible furniture that supports learning in a variety of groupings while also utilizing technology.

Traditional classrooms are designed for students to focus on the teacher. As we prepare students for more complex life and work environments, a Digital Age Classroom promotes a focus on self-directed and collaborative learning, creativity, critical thinking, and communication. It also allows for technology tools where students can create with video, audio, text, and images in order to build stronger thinking and problem solving skills.

This requires FLEXIBLE furniture that can be rearranged quickly and with ease, allowing students to switch rapidly between individual and groups, presenation, communication, and collaborative modes.

Students need a range of functional and critical thinking skiills related to information, media, and technology. In addition, the employment industry is seeking employees who are able to work without supervision, in diverse groups. A Digital Age Classroom helps students build the capacity for self-directed learning, collaboration, and appropriate social interaction, while also building leadership skills as well as social and cultural-awareness.

So instead of this...

A Digital Age Classroom looks like this...

With the funds already collected, the DMS Foundation completed the first two phases of this project.
Phase 3 will be COMING SOON!

If you have not yet made a tax-deductable donation to the DMS Foundation, please consider doing so.  Your funds will have an IMMEDIATE and FUTURE impact on your children and all students at Durham Middle School.

All Durham families are encouraged to become a part of our Foundation.

Foundation Projects
Phase 3 Durham Digital Age Classroom
iPad Cart for Digital Age Classroom
Laptop carts for classroom use
Technology/STEM enhancements - 3D Printer, etc.

We request $100 per family, but hope you will please consider a donation in any amount.


Does your employer participate in a corporate matching program? Check this list! match 2-1!!

You may also donate in person at the school or send a check along with a membership form to the address below:

Durham Middle School Foundation
2891 Mars Hill Road
Acworth, GA 30101
Telephone:  (770) 975-6641  Fax:  (770)975-6643

Know anyone celebrating a birthday?

Support the Durham Foundation by purchasing a Happy Birthday message on our school marquee for any student, staff, or faculty member for just $25.00.

Complete this form - Happy Birthday - and submit it to our front office at least 24 hours before you would like the name posted. We will post first name and first initial of the last name. "Happy Birthday to Wilder D. and Clarence S."

The Foundation Board of Trustees is comprised of parents, faculty and staff members. If you are interested in becoming a part of our Foundation, serving on a committee, or assisting in any way, please contact the school principal at Patricia.Alford@cobbk12.org

Mr. Cameron Frost - Chairman
Mr. Ryan Young - Vice Chairman
Mr. Andrew Windham - Treasurer
Mrs. Becky Willingham - Secretary

Mrs. Margo Estes - Member at Large
Mrs. Robyn Cathey - PTSA Liaison
Mrs. Erin Baker - Teacher Liaison
Mrs. Jodi Bitler - Teacher Liaison
Dr. Patricia Alford - Principal

Standard Operating Procedures of the Durham Foundation