zFaculty and Staff

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Tiffany Honoré Principal email
Leetonia Young Assistant Principal - 8th Grade email
Dreina Gary-Robinson Assistant Principal - 7th Grade email
Marianne Mitchell Assistant Principal - 6th Grade email
Antwane Nelson Assistant Principal - PE/Connections, Transportation email


Office Staff
Marilyn Reade Secretary email
Jennifer Pope Bookkeeper email
Monica Dukes Attendance email
Susan Wilkins Discipline Clerk email
Debbie Masters Registration email


Support Staff
Kelly Gutting Social Worker email
Nicole Hartsell Psychologist email
Anna Prusa Speech email
Anne Marie Carter Speech email
Becky Braswell School Nurse email
Dennis Wright Campus Police Officer email
April Gwyn Academic Coach email
LaTanya Walker Academic Coach email
Robert Chiappetta Title I Parent Facilitator email
Jaime Davies Wheeler Cluster Supervisor email
Claudia Downs Education Program Specialist email
Erika Kitchens ISS email
Debbie Grimes Food Services email
Kathy Gonglach 8th Grade email
Jeni Norris 7th Grade email
Regina Taylor 6th Grade email
Media Center
Laura Falthzik Media Specialist email
Marcia Rooks Media Parapro email
Custodial Services
Bobby Atterbury Head Custodian II email
Stacy Finnegan Custodian email
Corliss Hailes Head Custodian I email
Torie Wilson Custodian email
Dave Gooden  Custodian  email 
Jerome Lawson  Custodian  email 



Team 6A
Yolanda Ledesma Adv. Math 6 and Math 6 email
Alissa Colacicco Language Arts 6 email
Jane Moore Social Studies email
Elizabeth Huffaker Science email
Team 6B
Carrie Newman Math 6  email
Kathleen Powers Language Arts email
Lyndsay Fleming Social Studies email
Twila McMullan Science email
Team 6C
Audra Bothers Accel. Math 6/7 and Math 6 email
Kerry Gaskins Language Arts email
Christine Jefferson Social Studies  email
Caleb Byrd Science email
Cross Grade Levels - 6 and 7
Lisa Jenkins Language Arts and Social Studies email
Michael Smith Science email
Vicki Siano  Math  email 



Team 7A
John Kilpatrick  Math 7  email
Freya Sneed Language Arts email
Anna Steele Social Studies email
Margo King Science email
Team 7B
George Del Castillo Math 7 email
Andrew Trowers Language Arts email
Nicola Outlaw Science email
Ken Chrzanowski Social Studies email
Team 7C
Edwige Julien Math 7/8 and Advanced Math  7 email
Gail Brown Language Arts email
Trey Coggins  Social Studies email
Kimberly Rudick  Science email
Cross Grade Levels 6 and 7
Vicki Siano Math 7 email
Michael Smith Science email
Sonja Little Language Arts and Social Studies  email 



Team 8A
Bo Bortnyk Advanced Math 8 email
Brittany Shirley  Language Arts email
Sarah Turner Social Studies email
Jeanne Hocieniec-Gentile Science email
Team 8B
Shannon Masters Math 8 and CCGPS Coord. Algebra/Geometry email
Christy West Language Arts email
William Wilson Social Studies email
Shannon Ventresca Science email
Cross Team 8
Lynn Boykin Math 8 email
Tania Wright Math 8 email
Anthony Sanacore Language Arts and Social Studies email
Allison Allen Language Arts and Science email
Charmagne Quenan Science and Science Research email
Leslie Jonas Reading email
Alain Rodriguez Spanish email
Cameron Ward Latin email



Rebecca Wallace ESOL email
Lauren Nation ESOL email
Tara Light IEL and ELL Lead email
Zarle Williams IEL email



Lori Walth Business email
Angela Lockman Art email
Barbara Quarles STEM email
Idalysse Rivera Math - Title 1 Focus email
Senora Cross Math - Title 1 Focus email
Les Blanton Math - Title 1 Focus email
Petrina Baxter  Careeer Connections  email 
Annie Keith  Career Connections  email 
Fine Arts
April O’Keefe Orchestra email
Brian Fredricks  Orchestra  email 
Krista Pezold Band email
Lane Doss Band email
Vanessa Helms Chorus email
Health/Physical Education
Katherine Bickley  PE email
Brent Ray Health/PE email
Nicholas Vatzakas Health/PE email
Jaime Young PE email
Special Education
Alain Blot    email 
Addison Brooks   email
Teresa Boling   email
Linda Deckner-Glick   email
Annette Foreman   email
Hope Imarhia   email
Beverly Jackson   email
Christoria Jonas   email
Erica Jordan   email
Martha Moyer    email 
Janean Murdock    email 
Aleem Shaw   email
Andrew Shively   email
Jane Shumway    email 
JoEllen Standifer   email
Special Education Parapros
Sara Aidun   email
Deborah Jones   email
Willa Machado   email
Ann McKenzie   email
Shamin Shaw   email
Temeika Dean   email
LaDonna Stephens   email