The Eastvalley Clinic


Nurse Dawn Mahoney

Areas of Responsibility

  • Chronic health illnesses training for school staff
  • Orientation, training and professional development of consulting, itinerant and school nurses
  • Orientation and training of clinic substitutes
  • Development, implementation and interpretation of procedures and forms for clinic/student health
  • Individualized Health Care Plan for eligible students
  • Medical consultation for Section 504 plans for eligible students
  • Monitor absenteeism and communicable illness
  • Collaborate with Cobb and Douglas Public Health and DHR
  • Maintain clinic/student health statistics
  • Medical Consultation for RTI

The Cobb County School District recognizes the importance of the health and welfare of students and staff. Therefore, the District establishes a school health service program to address the health and safety of students and staff. The program is staffed by a nursing supervisor, area consulting nurses, and licensed nurses in each school.

We coordinate with the Cobb County Board of Health in protecting children from certain symptoms of communicable diseases. Bringing a child to school with any symptoms of communicable illness puts other children at risk of getting sick. If all parents keep their sick children at home, we will have stronger, healthier and happier children. While we regret any inconvenience this may cause, in the long run this means fewer lost workdays and less illness for parents too.

The Eastvalley Clinic