Floyd Middle School

Dr. Teresa Hargrett, Principal

Twyla Hinton, AP6 | Susan Turner, AP7 | Eva Miano, AP8 | Crysta Caruthers, SSA

4803 Floyd Road
Mableton, GA 30126
Phone: 770-819-2453
Fax: 770-819-2455

Floyd Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name Subject Department/Grade
Ah-Low, Kim   Parapro Para
Avery, Zelina   Speech Special Education
Ayers, Christopher   Campus Officer Public Safety
Baker, Casey Blog Band Director Connections
Baker, Lynn Blog Social Studies 8
Baker, Vicki   Part-Time Clerk Support Staff
Ball, Brent Blog Social Studies 6
Blackwell, Francina Blog Inclusion 7
Brown, Kasisi Blog Social Studies 6
Butler, Luvilla Blog Inclusion 6
Butler, Tanyika Blog 7th & 8th Grade Counselor Counselor
Caruthers, Crysta   SSA Administration
Case, Jessica Blog Math 7
Cato, Sharina   Cafeteria Staff Nutrition Services
Chaney, Penny Blog Media Specialist Media
Coardes, Malikah Blog (Math)
Blog (Science)
Math/Science 8
Coefield, Timothy Blog Math 6
Collins, Lisa Blog ART Connections
Colston, Kenneth Blog Science 7
Cook, Derek Blog PE/Health Connections
Coulter, Lagreta   MID Para
Crate, Jordan Blog Math/Social Studies 7
Davis, Janet   MOID Para
Douglass, John   AU Para
Dubose, NaAsia Blog Science 6
Evans, Glenn Blog Science 6
Evans, Kimberly   MID Para
Fairley, Erika Blog Inclusion 8
Folk, Sara Blog Academic Coach Math/Social Studies
Gantek, Kelly Blog Social Studies 7
Gay, Christine Blog MID Special Education
Gibson, Jessica Blog Math Connections
Gray, Kim Blog 6th & 7th Grade Counselor Counselor
Gual, June Blog Math 6
Guglielmi, Melissa Blog ESOL Connections
Hall, Robert   Custodian Custodian
Hargrett, Teresa Blog
Principal Administration
Harrison, Bethany Blog Social Studies 8
Hickerson, Steven   MOID Para
Hinton, Twyla   (6th)Assistant Principal Administration
Holder, Anthony Blog Science  8
Howard, Saundra Blog Science/Math 7
Huff, Normandy   Secretary  
Hurt, Keke Blog Read 180 Connections
Inkoom, James    Head Custodian Custodian
Jean-Pierre, Joachim   Teacher H.A.V.E.N.
Jefferson, Amy Blog AU Special Education
Johnson, Alnita Blog MOID Special Education
Jones, Joy   Academic Coach ELA/Science
Joseph, Israel   Cafe Manager Nutrition Services
Kelly, Andrele Blog Special Education 6, 7, 8
Kinder, Kristy Blog Lang. Arts 8
Knowles, Parizah   Speech Special Education
Lane, Bonnie   Media Para Para
Lazazzara, Michael Blog Inclusion 7
Leeser, Jennifer Blog Science/Social Studies 6
Lester, Cynthea Blog Parent Facilitator Title I
Lockhart, Lorena Blog Special Education 6, 7, 8
Lyles, Alicia Blog ESOL Connections
Lytle, Brandon Blog MID Special Education
Mann, Tara Blog Lang. Arts 6
Martie, Carol   Custodian Custodian
McClain, Linda Blog ELA/Social Studies 8
McCall, Kara Blog Social Studies 7
McMath, Debra Blog Inclusion 8
Mendez, Georgina   Custodian Custodian
Miano, Eva   (8th)Assistant Principal Administration
Mitchell, Joe Blog Inclusion 8
Mwangi, Mary Blog STEAM Connection Connections
Neely, Quolesha   H.A.V.E.N. Para
Nichols, Gloria   Bookkeeper Support Staff
Orisa, Carol Blog Inclusion 6
Perez, Marina   Clerk Support Staff
Pope, Selena Blog AU Para
Price, Elizabeth Blog PE/Health Connections
PTSA Website    
Puckett, Earl Blog Orchestra Connections
Raiford, Wendelyn   ISS Para
Rodriguez, Dianne Blog Lang. Arts 7
Ross, Ilynnette Blog Lang. Arts 8
Royer, Barbara   Nurse Nurse
Seabrooks, Toreyon Blog Inclusion 6
Serkedakis, Will   Pupil Personnel Clerk Support Staff
Smith, Myrtis   Cafeteria Staff Nutrition Services
Smith, Annette Blog Inclusion 7
Smith, Nicholas Blog Band Connections
Smith, Rashawana Blog Lang. Arts 7
Stevens, Glenda   Cafeteria Staff Nutrition Services
Stewart, Kathrine Blog Chorus Director Connections
Stovall, Kyndra Blog Science 7
Sturdivant, Ronda   Lang. Arts 6/7
Sweat, Aubree Blog Math 6-7
Tellez, Brigida Blog Spanish Connections
Thompson, Labira MOID Para
Thomson, Laura Blog Math 8
Thurman, Lindsey Blog Lang. Arts 6
Toliver, Valerie   Social Worker Social Worker
Turner, Susan   (7th) Assistant Principal Administration
Waters, Mila   Cafeteria Staff Nutrition Services
Weston, Sandra Blog Parent Facilitator/Title III  
White, Todd Blog Math 8
Young, Oneisha Blog Science 8