Floyd Middle School

Dr. Teresa Hargrett, Principal

Twyla Hinton, AP6 | Susan Turner, AP7 | Eva Miano, AP8 | Crysta Caruthers, SSA

4803 Floyd Road
Mableton, GA 30126
Phone: 770-819-2453
Fax: 770-819-2455

Floyd Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name Subject Department/Grade
Ah-Low, Kim   Parapro Para
Avery, Zelina   Speech Special Education
Baker, Casey Blog Band Director Connections
Baker, Lynn Blog Social Studies 8
Baker, Vicki   Part-Time Clerk Support Staff
Ball, Brent Blog Social Studies 6
Blackwell, Francina Blog Inclusion 7
Brown, Kasisi Blog Social Studies 6
Butler, Luvilla Blog Inclusion 6
Butler, Tanyika Blog 7th & 8th Grade Counselor Counselor
Carroll, Patricia Blog Language Arts 6 & 7
Caruthers, Crysta   SSA Administration
Case, Jessica Blog Math 7
Cato, Sharina   Cafeteria Staff Nutrition Services
Chaney, Penny Blog Media Specialist Media
Coardes, Malikah Blog (Math)
Blog (Science)
Math/Science 8
Coefield, Timothy Blog Math 6
Collins, Lisa Blog ART Connections
Colston, Kenneth Blog Science 7
Cook, Derek Blog PE/Health Connections
Coulter, Lagreta   MID Para
Crate, Jordan Blog Math/Social Studies 7
Dubose, NaAsia Blog Science 6
Evans, Glenn Blog Science 6
Evans, Kimberly   MOID Para
Fernandez, Theresa   Cafeteria Staff Nutrition Services
Fairley, Erika   Inclusion 8
Folk, Sara Blog Math/Math 180 8
Gantek, Kelly Blog Social Studies 7
Gay, Christine Blog MID Special Education
Gibson, Jessica Blog Math Connections
Gray, Kim Blog 6th & 7th Grade Counselor Counselor
Gual, June Blog Math 6
Guglielmi, Melissa Blog ESOL Connections
Hargrett, Teresa Blog
Principal Administration
Harrison, Bethany Blog Social Studies 8
Hickerson, Steven   Parapro Para
Hinton, Twyla   (6th)Assistant Principal Administration
Holder, Anthony Blog Science 7 & 8
Howard, Saundra Blog Science 7
Huff, Normandy   Secretary  
Hurt, Keke Blog Read 180 Connections
Inkoom, James   Custodian Custodian
Jefferson, Amy Blog AU Special Education
Johnson, Alnita Blog MOID Special Education
Jones, Joy   Academic Coach  
Kelly, Andrele Blog Special Education 6, 7, 8
Kinder, Kristy Blog Lang. Arts 8
Knowles, Parizah   Speech Special Education
Lane, Bonnie   Media Para Para
Lazazzara, Michael Blog Inclusion 7
Leeser, Jennifer Blog Science/Social Studies 6
Lester, Cynthea Blog Parent Facilitator/Title I  
Lockhart, Lorena Blog Special Education 6, 7, 8
Lyles, Alicia Blog ESOL Connections
Lytle, Brandon Blog MID Special Education
Mann, Tara Blog Lang. Arts 6
Martie, Carol   Custodian Custodian
Martinez, Evelyn   Cafeteria Staff Nutrition Services
McClain, Linda Blog ELA/Social Studies 8
Nichols, Gloria   Bookkeeper Support Staff
McCall, Kara Blog Social Studies 7
McMath, Debra Blog Inclusion 8
Mendez, Georgina   Custodian Custodian
Miano, Eva   (8th)Assistant Principal Administration
Mitchell, Joe Blog Inclusion 8
Mwangi, Mary Blog STEAM Connection Connections
Nwagwu, Israel   Cafe Manager Cafe
Orisa, Carol Blog Inclusion 6
Perez, Marina   Clerk Support Staff
Price, Elizabeth Blog PE/Health Connections
PTSA Website    
Puckett, Earl Blog Orchestra Connections
Raiford, Wendelyn   ISS Para
Rodriguez, Dianne Blog Lang. Arts 7
Ross, Ilynnette Blog Lang. Arts 8
Seabrooks, Toreyon Blog Inclusion 6
Serkedakis, Will   Pupil Personnel Clerk Support Staff
Smith, Myrtis   Cafeteria Staff Nutrition Services
Smith, Annette Blog Inclusion 7
Smith, Nicholas Blog Band Connections
Smith, Rashawana Blog Lang. Arts 7
Stevens, Glenda   Cafeteria Staff Nutrition Services
Stewart, Kathrine Blog Chorus Director Connections
Stovall, Kyndra Blog Science 7
Sweat, Aubree Blog Math 6-7
Tellez, Brigida Blog Spanish Connections
Thomas, Lucretia   Cafeteria Staff Nutrition Services
Thompson, Labria Parapro Para
Thomson, Laura Blog Math 8
Thurman, Lindsey Blog Lang. Arts 6
Toliver, Valerie   Social Worker Social Worker
Tookes, Bernice   Cafeteria Staff Nutrition Services
Turner, Susan   (7th) Assistant Principal Administration
Waters, Mila   Cafeteria Staff Nutrition Services
Weston, Sandra Blog Parent Facilitator/Title III  
White, Todd Blog Math 8
Young, Oneisha Blog Science 8