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About Our Name

Garrison Mill Elementary School opened its doors in 1984 to neighboring children, but the story doesn't start there. It begins over 100 years ago when the Garrison family moved to Cobb County.

Thomas Wesley Garrison, Sr. and his wife, Malinda, settled at the headquarters of Willeo Creek before the Civil War. They owned a large plantation called "Mill Hill" because they operated a sawmill, a corn-grinding mill, and a cotton gin.

Mr. Garrison donated 4 1/2 acres to the trustees of Wesley Chapel Methodist Church on Sandy Plains Road and assisted with the first church construction in 1879.

The Garrisons were concerned with the education of not only their children but those in neighboring areas. With his help, a school was completed in 1880. An historical marker stands today at this spot.

Garrison Mill Elementary School is named for all generations of the Garrison family presently living in this area and for Thomas Wesley Garrison who saw a need for education so long ago in his mill on the hill.