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Good Morning Greyhounds News Crew

What is Good Morning Greyhounds?

  • It is a live news broadcast produced by Garrison Mill Elementary 5th grade students under the guidance of
    Mrs. Kenworthy, the media specialist.
  • The live broadcast is sent through the closed-circuit television system and broadcast in all the classrooms
    daily at 7:55 a.m.

How do I join the Good Morning Greyhounds News Crew?

  • You have to be a 5th grade student.
  • You have to complete a News Crew application that also has signatures from your parent and your
    homeroom teacher.
  • You must be able to report for duty by 7:40 a.m. each morning when you are scheduled to work. 
    You will not be penalized if your bus is late.
  • You must be able to keep up with any morning work that you miss while working on the News Crew.

What will I do if I am accepted to the Good Morning Greyhounds News Crew?

  • In an effort to give everyone the opportunity to learn and discover their talents and gifts, students on the News Crew will rotate through the jobs during their scheduled time.
  • Currently the News Crew jobs are:
  • 2 students for anchors
  • 1 student for pledge/silent reflection (also assists with birthdays and special guests)
  • 1 student on camera (also assists with making sure the show is broadcasting throughout the school)
  • 1 student for the video switcher (changes the camera or slides)
  • 1 student for the audio and computer (controls the microphones and slides on the computer)

How long do I get to keep my job on the Good Morning Greyhounds News Crew?

  • It depends on the number of people who apply, but usually 3-4 weeks.
  • A schedule will be given so you will know which weeks you will be working.

Where do I get a Good Morning Greyhounds News Crew application?

  • Pick one up in the media center from Mrs.Kenworthy
  • Download the application here
  • Download the application from the media center website (under the “forms” link)