Wee Deliver

Wee Deliver is Garrison Mill's exclusive in-house postal system operated and managed by fourth and fifth grade students.  Each classroom is assigned a specific address that students, parents, family, teachers and staff can use to send each other letters.

How to use Wee Deliver:

  1. Locate the student's address by grade or teacher name.  A complete directory is available at the Wee Deliver mailbox in the main hall.
  2. Write a letter, greeting card, or postcard and properly address it including the Wee Deliver street address, city, state, and zip.  Please include a return address and "stamp" (stamp can be a sticker, art, drawing, etc.)
  3. Drop your letter off in the Wee Deliver mailbox located at Garrison Mill near the entrance to the 100 hallway.
  4. Mail is delivered every Thursday morning before school begins.

Wee Deliver addresses will be published in the Student Directory, teacher blogs, and online at Wee Deliver

Thank you and happy writing!