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Search Tools

Nettrekker - A child-friendly search engine provided by CCSD. Please see your child's teacher for registration,  login, and password information

Cobb Virtual Library - Cobb County School District provides the Cobb Virtual Library for students and staff.  This online library of information databases may be used at school and at home.  A login and password is required when using the online library at home. Please see your child's teacher for password information



Reference and Research

Biographies - need to know some facts about someone? Look here.
CIA World Fact Book - a great site for finding out facts about countries.
Galileo - a great searching tool provided by the state of Georgia.
How Stuff Works- ever wondered? This site may have the answer.
Info Please for Kids - an almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia and more!
Internet Public Library - lots of links to lots of places.
Webster's Dictionary - look up those words online.



Cybersafari - Go on an educational web "safari."
Dr. Seuss - take a trip to Seussville.
Fun Brain - look here for your teacher's quizzes and other activities.
Quia! - more quizzes, games, and activities.
School House Rock - Songs to help you remember the rules (Mom and Dad might remember these).


At the Newsstands and on TV

Discovery Channel - learn about recent discoveries. Also visit the school and kids pages.
PBS - from the Public Broadcasting System.
Time for Kids - the online version of the print version


  Cobb County Internet Acceptable Use Policy for Students