Green Acres Elementary School

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Phone: (678) 842-6905
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Green Acres Elementary School Clinic

Shameka Hicks, LPN

MONDAY – FRIDAY 7:30am – 2:30pm
Telephone: 678-842-6905 ext. 232
School Nurse: Shameka Hicks, LPN

News from the Nurse

The Green Acres Elementary School Clinic provides limited basic care to children who are sick or injured. We also assist in administering appropriate medications, and treatments. We do not make diagnosis, as there are no licensed physicians on staff. The care is provided according to Cobb County Guidelines


For a complete list of downloadable forms used by Cobb County Schools, please click here and look for the ones that pertain to your students condition.  

My Student Needs Medicine At School

 Please remember that any medication your student needs to take during the school day must be brought in by a guardian.  Stop by the front office or clinic or see website to complete the county form for your child to receive this medication during school. The school does not give out medication except for what a parent brings for their child. Medications should come to school in labeled the pharmacy container and/or in the original container if it is over the counter. 


It is often difficult to decide if a child is too sick for school. Please use these guidelines to prevent the spread of contagious diseases, and promote good student health. Sick children will have a difficult time learning.

Is my student well enough to go to school (Rule JLC-6)?

 ¿ Está mi estudiante lo suficientemente sano para ir a la escuela?

Flu Update- please visit the home website for the CDC for details about the Flu and the H1N1 Flu. See Below: Please click the link below for information on how to prevent this potentially serious virus. CDC Flu Guidelines

The best defense for the flu is to wash your hands.  If your child has cold like symptoms accompanied by a fever, please keep your child home.  The student must remain home until they have been fever free for at least 24 hours.  Remember that sending your child to school sick puts all other students and staff at risk of becoming ill.  For more info please refer to CCSD School Health Services on the Cobb County website
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Clinic Wish/donation List  Parents, I need your help! The clinic is in need of donations, many of the items used can be bought at most local stores.  Any help is much appreciated.  Some items used frequently that can be donated are:

*Disinfectant wipes like Lysol wipes or generic version  *Lysol or disinfectant spray *Band-Aids (all sizes) *Cups all sizes & for dispenser in clinic (approx. 5 ounce)
*Peppermint candies *Saltine crackers/graham crackers *Ziploc bags (all sizes) for ice-packs & other uses *Gauze all sizes & types & paper tape for bandages
*Bottled water *Eyewash (sterile) *Paper towels *Facial tissue (Kleenex)
*Hand soap  *Safety pins- all sizes   *Gloves  
*any items that are used for bandages. *Peroxide *Clothing boys & girls  

Thanks for all you do!!

Shameka Hicks, LPN / Green Acres Elem. School Nurse   678-842-6905 ext. 232