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Griffin Middle School

    To Advocate for and Empower the Learning of All Students

Dr. Loralee Hill, Principal

Cathie Seibert-6 | Roderick Langston-7 | Eric Gray-8 | Kacie Phipps-Scheduling & Testing | Rockette Anderson-Curriculum & Instruction | Dr. Kristin Willis, SSA
4010 King Springs Rd. | Smyrna, GA  30082
Office: (678) 842-6917 | Fax: (678) 842-6919
Registration/Records Fax: (678) 842-6924



Dr. Loralee Hill Principal Email  
Cathie Seibert Assistant Principal - 6th Grade Email  
Roderick Langston Assistant Principal - 7th Grade Email  
Eric Gray Assistant Principal - 8th Grade Email  
Kacie Phipps Assistant Principal-Scheduling & Testing Email  
Rockette Anderson SLI-Curriculum & Instruction Email  
Dr. Kristin Willis Special Student Services Administrator Email  

School Support Team

Pam Lasseter Principal's Secretary Email  
Lizbeth Cervantes Maldonado Student Support-Registration Email  
Tomeca Seacrease-Brown Student Support-Registration Email  
Sarah Martinez School Bookkeeper Email  
Maria Galvez-Munoz Student Attendance Clerk Email
Rebecca Tapia Parent Facilitator Email  
Granville Broomes Computer & Technology Technician Email  
Lori Lowry Cafe Manager Email  
Cheryl Shepard Campus Police Officer Email  
Angela Alexander School Nurse Email  
Anima Mishra Speech Pathologist Email  
Erica Schirm Speech Pathologist Email  
Jana Ladner School Psychologist Email  
Darline Alvarez School Social Worker Email  


Debbie Monroe SID/PID Email  
Juanita Ellis SID/PID Email  
James Lee IRR Email  
Brandy McNeal 1:1 Email  
Jamie Gunnin MID Email  
Vyctori Anderson IEL Email  
Marquido Law EBD Email  
Che Kynes ISS Email  

School Counselors

Julia Richardson Counselor 6th Grade Email Blog
Cheryl McFadden Counselor 7th Grade Email Blog
Stella Mejia Counselor 8th Grade Email  Blog 
Brady McCaffrey Counselor All Grades Email Blog


Lori Quintana Library Media Specialist Email Blog
Ashley Kraus Library Media Paraprofessional Email  

Academic Coach

Kate Fites Email Blog
Kristin Gilligan Email Blog

Connections Teachers

Valder Ned Physical Education Email Blog
D'Mario Gunn Physical Education Email Blog
Miranda Smith Physical Education Email Blog
Sarah Lyons Business Email Blog
Heidi Wong Art Email Blog
Ashley Cole Band Email Blog
Charles L. Rabun Band Email Blog
Selinda Proctor Orchestra Email Blog
Ian Connolly Orchestra Email Blog
Sarah Rabun Chorus Email Blog
Siddeeqah Adams Family & Consumer Science Email Blog
Felicia Belcher Technology Email Blog
Britton Proctor Math Connections Email Blog

Classroom Co-Teachers

Michael Brown Grade 6-Science Email Blog
Justin Grove Grade 6-Social Studies Email Blog
Mia Beasley Grade 6-Math Email Blog
Anastasia Anuforo Grade 6 & 8-Math Email Blog
Kristina Simpson Grade 6-ELA Email Blog
Tiah Carter Grade 7-Math Email Blog
Nate Walker Grade 7-ELA & Social Studies Email Blog
Tomika Colon Grade 7-ELA Email Blog
Donna Lewis Grade 7-Science Email Blog
Tiffany Comer-Hull Grade 8-Math Email Blog
Renee Holden Grade 8-Science Email Blog
Keynetria Sample Grade 8-ELA Email Blog
Larry Blomberg Grade 8-Social Studies Email Blog

 Unit and IEL Teachers

Lauren Gladdin EBD 6,7,8 Email Blog
Shannon Ross MID 6,7,8 Email Blog
Meghan Lewis SID/PID Email Blog
Cynthia Del Valle IEL 6,7,8 Email Blog

Grade 6 Teachers

Carla Walker Math Email Blog
Zandre Jean Math Email Blog
Maurice Lee Math Email Blog
Allison Payne Math Email Blog
Erica Fox English Language Arts Email Blog
Courtney Brownlee English Language Arts Email Blog
Colton Prism English Language Arts Email Blog
Allison Payne English Language Arts Email Blog
Tara Mann Reading Email Blog
Carol Aaron Reading Email Blog
Guneet Kaur Reading Email Blog
Ashley Crisler Reading Email Blog
Morgan Delhey Social Studies Email Blog
Kim Johnston Social Studies Email Blog
Julie Gunn Social Studies Email Blog
Elizabeth Boyd Social Studies Email Blog
6th Grade Science Team Blog
Abi NeSmith Science Email Blog
LaQuincia Brown Science Email Blog
Lyric Sprinkle Science Email Blog
Elizabeth Boyd Science Email Blog

Grade 7 Teachers

Brandon Philmon Math Email Blog
Kristin Kiefer Math Email Blog
Chloe Dale Math Email Blog
Jason Stein Math Email Blog
Kristin Gilligan English Language Arts Email Blog
Jessica West English Language Arts Email Blog
Danah Richardson English Language Arts Email Blog
Olivia Calleiro English Language Arts Email Blog
Marjorie Heller English Language Arts Email Blog
Stephanie Jackson Reading Email Blog
Yolanda Robinson Reading Email Blog
Steven Villegas-Garcia Reading Email Blog
Gini Morgan Reading Email Blog
Clint Podell Social Studies Email Blog
Terryann Gordon Social Studies Email Blog
Kim Jones Social Studies Email Blog
Olivia Calleiro Social Studies Email Blog
Nidhi Khurana Science Email Blog
Matt Allred Science Email Blog
Tangela Robinson Science Email Blog
Miranda Austin Science Email Blog

Grade 8 Teachers

Kate Fites Math Email Blog
Nao Gransberry Math Email Blog
Khutsana Pugh Math Email Blog
Robert Lohuis Math Email Blog
Chidera Nwaokafor Math Email Blog
Lauren Cercone English Language Arts Email Blog
Tyisha Woodcock English Language Arts Email Blog
Loraine Hicks English Language Arts Email Blog
Jessie Clavin English Language Arts Email Blog
Josh Wonders Social Studies Email Blog
Raven Wildermuth-Akali Social Studies Email Blog
Alexa Lacey Social Studies Email Blog
Bonny Moore Social Studies Email Blog
Melissa Barlow Science Email Blog
Dr. Amy Gilbert Science Email Blog
Andrew Scotchlas Science Email Blog
Bonny Moore Science Email Blog
Danielle Engle Spanish Email Blog
Eduardo Quintana Native Spanish/Reading Email Blog
Jessie Clavin Reading Email Blog
Tammy Gonzales Reading Email Blog


Mike Garcia-Villegas Head Custodian Email  
Mary (Hope) Weatherspoon Head Night Custodian Email  
Lucia Gonzalez Custodian Email  
Jeffrey Moser Custodian Email  
Marta Velez Custodian Email  
Juana Gonzalez Custodia Email