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A Message from Mr. Paul Gillihan Principal

February 2018

Dear Griffin Wildcats,

Where has this school year gone?  We are already halfway through the 3rd quarter of the year, and the end of the school year is getting even closer. As we have missed several snow days so far this year, it is imperative that our students do a lot of extra work at home to get prepared for the Milestones and for the next grade level. Reading every day is the keep to increasing and retaining knowledge. Our staff works hard to prepare engaging lessons with the premise that students are coming to class prepared to learn. We have seen a huge decrease in our discipline this year, and we attribute this decline to our PBIS initiative as well as our faculty working together in Professional Learning Communities (PLC). These PLCs allows our teachers to share data, adjust instruction, and work with each other to make sure all students are moving forward. Our mission is to “Advocate for and empower the learning for ALL students”. We take this seriously and strive to find ways that our entire community of stakeholders can help.

As our beloved Ms. Quarles always said, “We are living the dream.”

Be Here, Be Ready, Be Respectful!


Paul Gillihan
Principal, Griffin Middle School