School Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, Human Resources, and Financial Services jointly administer the After School Program.


1. All operational and discipline issues should be directed to the school principal and then to their area assistant superintendent of the School Leadership Division.


2. Personnel issues should be directed to Human Resources.


3. Financial issues should be directed to Local School Accounting.


4. All other operational issues should be directed to the Director of Alternative Education.


The After School Program:


• Is provided at every elementary school in the District.


• Requires prepayment of a $7 daily fee for students staying in the program.


• Charges a $10 per child district-wide non-refundable annual registration fee. This registration fee follows the child if he/she is transferred to another Cobb County School District school within the same school year.


• Charges the daily fee for students who are present at the time attendance is taken.


• Requires a parent/guardian identification and signature when students are picked up.


• Operates on the days school is in session from the time students are dismissed until 6:00 PM.


• Charges a late fee of $1.00 per minute per child after 6:00 PM until the time the student is picked up.




The After School Program provides a safe environment and is self-supporting. ASP receives no support from taxpayer funds for its operation. Daily fees provide funds for the salaries of the ASP employees, supplies, refreshments, utilities, and indirect operational costs.