Hightower Trail Faculty and Staff

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Ms. Laura Montgomery       Principal
Mr. Adam Casey               Assistant Principal - 6th grade, Connections, and Transportation
Ms. Joni Myler                  Assistant Principal -
7th and 8th Grades

Windsor McFadden - School Secretary
Kathy Dillard - Bookkeeper
Katherine Wells - Pupil Personnel
Deirdre Walsh - Guidance Clerk

6th Grade    
Language Arts/Reading Autumn Mourdock  
Science Katie O’Ryan  
Language Arts/Reading Christy West  
Math Jaclyn Bonsecour  
Language Arts/Reading Julie Mann  
Math Inga Schorn  
Social Studies/Science Kara Holshouser  
Science Alicia LaFontaine  
Social Studies Melissa Guevara  
Math Maria Findling  
Language Arts/Reading/ESOL Vanessa Gilbert  
Social Studies Jacob Tatum  
Language Arts/Reading Randall Howe  
Inter LA/Social Studies Deborah Wetherholt   
Inter Sci/SS/LA Penny Chasko
IRR Nkechi Ajorgbor (email: Beatrice Ajorgbor)  
7th Grade  
Language Arts/Reading Patricia Healy  
Science Adam Wiese  
Science Joel Blacher  
Social Studies Jennifer Nix  
Math Violette Garrett  
Language Arts/Reading Donna  Flood  
Science Caroline Sangster  
Social Studies Stephen Corbett
Language Arts/Reading Lauren Gray  
Language Arts/Reading LaToya Johnson  
Math/Reading Teresa Mullaney  
Math Janet Grooms  
Language Arts/Reading Abby Henderson (email: Abigail Henderson)  
Social Studies Mariah Wallace (email: Rebecca Wallace)  
Inter LA/Reading/SS Tracy Hahn  
Inter Math/Science Debbie Jennings  
8th Grade  
Language Arts Stephanie Lindgren  
Math Meghan Bisanz  
Science Alan Huskey (email: Gregory Huskey)  
Language Arts Aurelia Marzullo  
Spanish Sarah Beth Smith (email: Sarah Smith)  
Social Studies Catherine Hackney
Science Robert Jansen  
Language Arts/Reading Amy Smith (email: amy.smith2@cobbk12.org)
Social Studies Garrett Grashuis (email: William Grashuis)  
Science Amy West  
Spanish Tarrel Jerry  
Math Melody Stout voicemail: 401
Math Barbara Conte voicemail: 464
Social Studies Mariah Wallace (email: Rebecca Wallace)  
Inter Language Arts/Reading Kathy Beckerman  
Inter Math/Science Stefanie Stoltz  
Inter Social Studies/Science Jane Medbery  
RISE Karen Strott  
Mod. RISE Allen Caldwell (email: Rex Caldwell)  
Mod. RISE Katie Krug (email: Kaitlin Krug)  
6th grade Christy Land voicemail:  230
7th grade Jeni Norris                  232 
8th grade Travis Schmid                  231
Art Brandi Payne  
VA Comp Brandi Payne  
Business/Technology Tamra Bolles  
ISS/Career Cluster Kelly Seaman                 
Band Andrew Cole  
Band Fred Norton  
Chorus / Music Suzanne Logue  
Orchestra Michael Tompkins  
Orchestra Paul O'Keefe  
PE/Health Linda Postell  
PE/Health Maynard Gardner  
PE/Health Stephanie Little  
IRR Deidra Stephens  
IRR Sandra Harper  
IRR Marisa Cloud
IRR Diana Johnson  
OI Karen Caudle  
RISE Bonnie Klopach  
RISE Jodi Katz  
RISE Stephanie Hicks  
RISE Patti Puckett  
RISE Joanna McCord  
RISE Jane Young  
RISE Allison Thackston  
Media/Clerk Beth Russell  
Speech Amy Moor  
Media Specialist Amy Pease 239
Registered Nurse Cindy Dockery


Head Custodian (II) Ken Byrd 256
Head Custodian (I)    
Custodian Dawn Johnson-Price  
Custodian Sylvia Smith  
Custodian Kacy Walker