Hillgrove High School

Christian Suttle, Principal

Leander Brooks, AP  |  Dr. Jason Faklaris, AP  |  Jessica Tibbetts, AP
Sherri Thoroughman, AP  |  Samuel Sanford, AP  |  George Morgan, SSA

4165 Luther Ward Road
Powder Springs 30127
Phone: 678-331-3961
FAX: 678-331-8128

Hillgrove School Counseling Department

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Position Ext
Peggy Hurst Counselor for A–C Send email 236
Sonya Cook Counselor for D–He Send email 238
Lisa McCormick (Chair) Counselor for Hf–L Send email 237
Heather Boyle Counselor for M–Q Send email 234
Rebecca Moore Counselor for R–Sm and 504 and RTI students Send email 240
Jackie Medley Counselor for Sn–Z Send email 235
Carol Hughes Clerk Send email 241
Jennifer Landreth Clerk Send email 233


Vision Statement

The students of Hillgrove High School are academically-motivated learners who receive a differentiated, challenging quality education and graduate college and career ready. All students participate in a data-driven, comprehensive school counseling program, which actively promotes, supports, and evaluates academic, social, and personal growth through dynamic multifaceted approaches involving a united partnership with school, family, and community. As responsible and productive citizens, our students will attain their maximum potential and make a lasting impact on the school, community, and beyond.

The Professional School Counselors of Hillgrove High School believe:

  • All students should have an opportunity to learn in a safe, supportive and respectful environment.
  • All students can acquire skills necessary to become responsible and productive citizens.
  • All students have a right to services that support academic, career and personal/social growth.
  • All students will have access to a professional school counselor.
  • The responsibility for learning is a partnership among students, parents, school faculty, and community members.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Hillgrove High School Counseling Department is to prepare all students for success after high school through a comprehensive, developmental guidance program focusing on academic, personal/social, and career development. As advocates, school counselors will equally support all students, while recognizing individual differences, in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and planning to be successful, independent members of society. School counselors will provide equal access to all school counseling services, which include overcoming barriers that hinder learning. Our school counseling department will foster a safe and supportive environment for all students, aligning with our school and district mission, and supporting the strategic plan goals created for our school. Through our partnership with educators, parents, and the community, we facilitate the common objective of maximizing student learning and achievement.